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Certificate of Recognition – Free Printable Certificates!!

Certificate of Recognition

A Certificate of Recognition: This is a special kind of certificate which is given as a proof of a legal document by any company or institution to any people for recognizing him or her for special actions or kind efforts towards any particular work or on any field. These certificates are presented to any person as an award sometimes. These are considered as the “recognition for co-curricular activities”.

When a Certificate of recognition is presented

These certificates are provided for any special efforts towards society. But the means and reasons of providing these certificates are practically wide enough to imagine even sometimes these have some special categories for presenting. Sometimes these are counted as the certificates of excellence in the corporate world. These are measures of the excellence on any field.

To appreciate the person who has done something extraordinary, these certificates are provided. Why these certificates carry some special values in our life? Because while anybody of us does something great, there must be a unique way of appreciation in return of course. In a line which serves humanity, these are presented to them only.

Certificate of Recognition template

How to design these certificates? Do you have any clue? At the first time when I was encountered with the similar question, I also did not have any clue. Sometimes these are presented as the Certificate of Participation in some cases.

Here I am providing some checkpoints which should be looked while designing the template. These are the basic points or you better can say quality feature to be checked before designing.

Size and orientation: Most basic design aspect because a perfect design provides a special feel and sometimes a precisely cut certificate steals our heart and makes a soft corner in our hearts. That’s why the size matters a lot. You must emphasise on this while designing. The most traditional sizes are – portrait and landscape and the last one is followed in maximum cases though in some modern design the portrait format is also seen.

The size should be A4 otherwise that would not be print friendly. So Choosing A4 is the wise policy.

Colors: The second important feature which comes after size. Always check your chosen colors with someone else because which is good looking for you may not be the same for others. The design should be minimalistic and that’s why it should carry some light colors with dark fonts! try it and let us know.

Free Certificate of Recognition- Some Examples For you

Let’s find out some great designs which can lead some great artworks. Here these go-

#1 The simply designed certificate template can serve its best and it can be easily used for almost every purpose. The name of the person is embedded here in the middle and the details why the person is felicitated is written below.

#2 This design is easy to follow with minor edits and within few minutes you can make the whole design looks great.

#3 This tiny template is great for every purpose to serve. There is a big space for NAME and the reason WHY he or she is recognized for.

Feed us back with your experience so that we can improve the guide for all, thanks.

5+ Physical Exam Template For Free Download!!

Physical Exam Template

Looking for Physical Exam Template for Download?

A physical exam template is considered as one of the basic requirement especially when somebody applies for a tough job or course. What we understand by physical exam isn’t exactly same with the work level physical exam test.

It’s not just about your stamina and ability do hard work. Apart from these, there are many other reasons behind that are accumulatively considered as the vital points for a physical exam. If you are a doctor and trainer or someone who is assigned with testing the candidates or participants, then it is a little bit more difficult task compared than it looks like at the first time.

Why is Physical Exam Template important?

At the first look, you may overlook the ideas behind physical exam template. Look a deeper, and you will understand why we are discussing it here. Let’s check the most vital points that reflect the importance of physical exam sheets.

Physical Exam Template

  • It provides a basic idea about the health of the person and the ability of the person to carry out the tasks involved in the job.
  • You can easily know about the health history of the person. Sometimes, some persons look healthy enough at the first look superficially while it’s really astonishing when you find something odd in his or her health history. We are giving you an example, if someone is affected with asthma, you can’t figure that out without a proper medical test because at the first look anyone can hardly diagnose that.
  • If you are aware of the health of a person you are going to hire, then it will be easier to figure out what happens if any emergency hits. Even you can assign different task when you are aware of someone’s health’s condition.

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What are the basic points involved in the physical exam templates?

We always go confused when we are to go for a physical exam. Actually, we don’t have enough knowledge what the tests are. Here we want to light up this portion. If you are about to get admission into any renowned university or in a famous MNC, then some basic tests are needed to be done to meet their guidelines.

The basic tests in Physical Exam Template are-

Blood pressure: A most basic test, it’s to check whether you have blood pressure irregularities or not. Many candidates fail to get the desired job because of this reason. It’s an important parameter that can open the entrance and kick you out of the competition!

Temperature & Respiration: In recent days, these tests are introduced in the basic physical exam package. The first one is very simple; body temperature is checked under some specific condition. One is in a normal condition without any stress, and some more temperatures are noted after a simple run on the treadmill. Respiration process is checked, and a disease like asthma is diagnosed under this process. If someone is having any other issue that can also be diagnosed.


Blood Tests: Single blood draw from your body can determine the results of many tests. The first one is the basic blood group test. All the employers and institutions and universities ask for this one particularly. Apart from this one, liver function test, Cholesterol test, creatinine check, etc. can be diagnosed easily.

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BMI:   The next big thing is the BMI of the body. It can easily represent the bulkiness of the body. Sometimes it can reflect the stamina of the person. We all know the fact that if you become fatty, you will lose your stamina to do work and a lot of other complexities in your body. So having a standard BMI which should be anything from 24 to 26 is very important.

What the extra tests are- know from Physical Exam Template 

Apart from these above-mentioned tests, there are some other tests which are seldom given and better you can say, is given to specific persons after checking her/ his basic tests. These things come under full body checkup process.

If the doctor thinks that apart from the basic physical exam template something more is required, then he/ she suggest doing these. In the physical exam template, these are included.


Let’s have a look at these tests-

HEENT: a Nowadays X-ray of the head is must for any physical exam. Someone may not be aware of the damage in his/ her skull or something more critical than that.

NECK: After the head, the neck is a most vital point to check. This is checked whether there is any   Supple; carotid bruits and if there is any lymphadenopathy or thyromegaly.

LUNGS: Lung checking is another important part to check. There should be Clear auscultation. Lung capacity should be optimum to pass this.

HEART: Regular rate and proper rhythm without a murmur is the basic requirement for a healthy heart.

PSYCHIATRIC: Nowadays this point has been raised the alarm in the corporate world. Due to the rat race, we are always under pressure, and many of us feel an odd mood swing. Candidates must not have homicidal ideations.

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SKIN: Skin check is must because the potential candidate must not have any Infectious disease.

So, here are some free to download and use Physical Exam Template. Go ahead and use these Physical Exam Templates!!

10+ Free Certificate of Completion Template


After successful completion of a task, job, internship, course and degree in every steam, university or institute or company declare the candidate as a successful candidate who completed the whole thing properly and provides a valid certificate of completion.

Every Institute, University, and company have their customized completion certificate template which is followed every year with minor changes overall. If you are running an institution where you will need to design a beautiful certificate of completion for the students of outgoing batch then either you need to hire a designer or try to get into the last resort of online resources.

certificate of completion template

Do you know what kills out time and efforts while searching for a suitable template for a certificate of completion? In maximum cases, we don’t know what we want exactly. Sometimes we blindly copy designs from others institute and university but remember one thing that the image of your University or Institute or company will be reflected if you design it with a creative person.

Free Certificate Of Completion Templates Online- Why we should use these

Creating designs of completion certificate template costs not more than 1000 bucks. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and rectifications. That’s why it’s best to find out the free certificate templates for completion. It saves time and efforts both while saving a bunch of bucks too. After doing some minor changes, anyone can make beautiful award certificates template which can be used in real purpose and the quality of the design maintains the dignity of your college or university or company as well.

That’s why we have come up with something which can be an assist for you if you have been searching for something awesome and something usable. Many people will forbid you and advice not to go for a free certificate template but trust us, people say these types of words because they can’t modify those beautifully designed templates for completion certificates. Not it’s your move to prove these wrong.

Before choosing the best completion certificate remember these following points–

Design should be elegant, and colors should be professional and try to avoid multi-colored designs. Choose a design which has two or three colors maximum.

Size should be standard, and there are two types of templates- Portrait and landscape format. The size should not exceed the standard size which is 12 inch by 8 inches.

Choose a certificate template which has really good and attractive fonts. Don’t go for a template which includes funky fonts. Certificates should be formal and clean. Fonts and overall design should be minimal.

Some Awesome Free Completion certificates to use

We have collected some really good completion certificate templates for you so that you don’t have to waste time in search of free but beautifully designed templates. Go for one of these and do some little changes and start using your template. You don’t have to worry about any copyright issue as these are free of cost and free to pick.

Here are some points you need to take care of while editing the templates-

  • Add the logo of your university/company at proper place and put the name at right side.
  • Add the watermarks if you want.
  • Put the signatures at perfect places and you are done!
  • Customize the templates with something like seal etc.

Completion Certificates in Portrait Format

Portrait format is very famous because many universities/ companies have left the conventional landscape design and this type of certificate is being used by some famous universities/ companies. Here we have listed some kick ass free completion certificates.

Advantages of Portrait Design

A new trend has come in designs of completion certificates. Now a days, portrait design is very famous among certificate designers.

Clean and Uniform Layout: Our eyes are compatible to see portrait pages because from childhood we use portrait sized books and copy.

More lines can be added: If a certificate is designed in portrait format then you can add more lines than the landscape one.

It’s a simple template if you are looking for something normal. There are spaces for seals and enough spaces are left blank for minimal looking.

It’s a superb looking template where you need to put some details and you will be done with a fresh looking completion certificate template.

certificate of completion

This is a very good template and looks very fine. Check whether it matches your requirement or not!

Certificate of Completion template in Landscape Format 

Sometimes opting something traditional helps us to gain confidences of the people. If you want to go with the flow then we have some really cool templates for degree certificates. Just do some changes and these may hardly take an hour to set and then……BINGOOOO. You are done!

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Advantages of Landscape Design

We are familiar with these kinds of designs of certificates and might have received many in this style also!

Familiar certificate design: We are familiar to get certificates in this format because till now maximum boards and universities and companies offer certificates in a landscape format.

This looks very elegant and professional. Change the details and get your customized template.


This is a new template. It’s used by Arizona State University. You can customize it according to your requirements.

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This one is a good certificate of completion template especially when you are looking for a minimal certificate template for designing your certificates.

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If you are facing any problem with these completion certificate templates feel free to ask anything anytime. You are welcome!

5+ Lesson Plan Template Word Templates


Lesson plan template word is used in detail planning of a subject or in the planning of entire syllabus of a class. It includes everything starting from topics to tables etc. It includes every activity and instruction that actually reflects coherent scenarios of the activities altogether which pave the way of learning of the students.

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Lesson planning is a clear instructional manual that reflects the whole planning of completing a syllabus and the step by step directions of how to complete the daily lessons and how to carry out the same.

Lesson Plan Template Word should include these points-

  • Daily lesson plan, how to carry out the daily lessons with the help of diagrams and useful tables.
  • Strategies to engage learners by adopting useful teaching tools.
  • All resources and study materials and the process of monitoring the progress of students.
  • Learning tasks which are used to assist students.

A perfect lesson plan is made in such a way so that students with different level of abilities can follow the lessons. A responsive lesson plan is the fit plan for a healthy class.

lesson plan template wordTo step up with the modern teaching techniques all veteran teachers started following a detailed lesson plan template word which is highly structured and locked up with the style of the syllabus.

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Every lesson plan must be considered as a guide for teachers not a blue print for style and content of teaching. A note for the teachers- Don’t be afraid to improvise the plan if needed. Always remember a line- a good teacher is an artist so be better prepared before presenting anything to your studs because in early ages every young stud follows you.

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Here for your assistance, we have added some best lesson plan templates so that you can easily pick anyone of these and start your work without being interrupted anywhere. While picking up the best lesson templates we tried to make sure that these templates met every need and the plan goals are met. You can easily save and use these lesson templates because these are all printable.

Types of Lesson Plan Template Word-

Daily Lesson Plan: It’s a preliminary lesson plan; here teachers need to focus on daily activities instead of fortnightly or monthly course work. It’s basically a baseline of a long term plan of completing syllabus.


Monthly Lesson Plan: Monthly lesson plan includes a day to day plan of teaching and a proper flow chart of how to accomplish the target of teaching while providing full flexibility to the students. Time for self-improvements like library works and preparation of teaching methodologies are also included here.

The lesson plan template given above is the simplest one. It lucidly describes the purpose and the way of teaching and learning.

lesson plan templates doc

This one is very common and every teacher and student is familiar with these kind of templates. Anyone can easily go through it without having any hassle.

lesson plan template

Lesson Plan Template for High School

For high school we need to take extra care because in high school classes everything related to teaching should be mentioned there in the lesson plan of each subjects. At high school time, it’s a very crucial period to shape the future and the base of knowledge.

These templates are unique by character, why? – Because these templates touch all the vital points of a perfect lesson template. These points are-

Learning goal: What will students learn about the topics through this lesson?

We need to set the objective of the lesson template first, and for that, we have to clarify some basic questions like what will students learn this lesson?

Time: Estimate time of the discussion or in short how long every part of the lesson will take to be finished. The time frame of the task or lesson is very important, and that’s why estimation of the project and how much time each part of the lesson will take.

Sequence: Describe and point out what will happen at the time of each and every part of the lesson.

Assessment: It’s one of the most important parts, and it reflects how will you know what your students have learned the lesson?

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How to Write Lesson Plan 

To start with a good lesson plan template word, we need to get an idea of lesson plan- what we should include or what we need to pin on the lesson plan.

  1. Get a clear idea of the syllabus of the class.
  2. Choose which chapter you want to cover.
  3. The time duration of each class.
  4. Which things we need to include definitely.
  5. Video, image, and chart for references.

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High School Diploma Template -Printable Certificate Template


Are you tired of looking for High School Diploma Template? Here’s a Huge Collection of high school diploma certificate templates.

High School Diploma Template is something every diploma student is excited about. As you know, diploma certificates are issued when students pass high school diploma courses. If you have started a private High School or a trade school then you need a certificate template.

high school diploma template

 The first and foremost point is that the high school diploma certificate template should be unique and according to the standards. The Internet has made our life easy because we can now search the whole world right from our smartphone or PC! So if you have been looking for uniquely designed certificate template for your high school then the best one is waiting for you online.

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Where to Get High School Diploma Template: Certificate Template

There are several sites where you find printable high school diploma certificate templates. But trust me all these are not as good as we need. First of all we need to set some points and that will determine our needs properly. Let’s do this first-

  1. We need to set the proper dimension of the certificate template
  2. It starts with the first one- we need to know whether we need a simple certificate template or a rich formatted template.
  3. Then the important part comes. We need to conclude whether we need a format where we can upload our signature in the place of an authorized signatory or we sign the certificates with the pen.

Dimension: There is no official dimension for the high school certificate. But we need to follow something which can showcase something formal and something really meaningful. That’s why going with the formal or traditional templates like portrait and landscape format is the best option.


Size: The size of the templates should match print-friendly sizes if it’s A4 or letter size then it would be better. Always for a size which can be available for printing easily. After all, you need to print the certificate. All the old institutions follow landscape format while the new institutions follow the trendy portrait format.

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Color: It’s another important aspect of a design. For a high school diploma, we need to choose a perfect color. Always remember the following points while choosing the color options-

  • Don’t go for a colorful design which may include more than four colors otherwise it will look like a kid’s design.
  • Adhere yourself to light colors and try to have “white” color in the middle because if you need to edit the design with your custom watermark then you can put it without any problem.
  • Always choose a beautiful border. It’s really wonderful because all professional templates have borders. So don’t forget to add a border.

Fonts: Always choose official fonts. Recently we have experienced so many web fonts but using these fonts is not a good idea. That’s why to choose a good font from a traditional list. Here we have provided some fonts which you can easily pick-


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List of fonts for high school diploma template

Agency FB Bold Garamond Italic
Algerian Gigi
Arial Narrow Gill Sans MT
Arial Narrow Bold Gill Sans MT Bold
Arial Narrow Bold Italic Gill Sans MT Bold Italic
Arial Narrow Italic Gill Sans MT Condensed
Arial Rounded MT Bold Gill Sans MT Ext Condensed Bold
Arial Unicode MS Gill Sans MT Italic
Baskerville Old Face Gill Sans Ultra Bold
Bauhaus 93 Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed
Bell MT Gloucester MT Extra Condensed
Bell MT Bold Goudy Old Style
Bell MT Italic Goudy Old Style Bold
Berlin Sans FB Goudy Old Style Italic
Berlin Sans FB Bold Goudy Stout
Berlin Sans FB Demi Bold Haettenschweiler
Bernard MT Condensed Harlow Solid Italic
Blackadder ITC Harrington
Bodoni MT High Tower Text
Bodoni MT Black High Tower Text Italic
Bodoni MT Black Italic Imprint MT Shadow
Bodoni MT Bold Informal Roman
Bodoni MT Bold Italic Jokerman
Bodoni MT Condensed Juice ITC
Bodoni MT Condensed Bold Kristen ITC
Bodoni MT Condensed Bold Italic Kunstler Script
Bodoni MT Condensed Italic Lucida Brigh


Fonts: It’s another special aspect of the design. We recommend some sizes for the fonts. Sizes should be chosen in a way so that the design should not be clumsy.

  • Title size: Title size should not be more than 30. Here title means the “Name of the Institution”.
  • Address/ Details: If you need to add some details like the address of the institution maintain the size in between 24-26.

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How To Customize High School Diploma Certificate Template?

Selecting a design is not all for making an attractive high school diploma certificate. After downloading the design, you need to edit the design to match your requirements. Here we have prepared some basic points so that you can follow these flawlessly and edit the designs you have shortlisted.

If you are done, let’s move to the later step of preparing a customized high school diploma template. Now that we got a clear idea about the high school diploma certificate template we want let’s give it a practical shape.

First step: Choose some templates and download the templates, always check whether there is any watermark on those or not.

Second step: Once you have downloaded the design templates, it’s time to edit the design. Now open the image file in Photoshop. Place your logo in the middle and make it a little bit transparent.

Third step: Edit the things like Name, Signature, and dates. Copy paste the signature and use the official date on that.

Fourth step: Add some special things like the tagline which actually reflects the motto of your institution.

How to verify whether everything is alright or not

There are so many points which should be verified before jumping into a conclusion-

Size: It should be checked twice before printing. Printing quality will decrease if size is not maintained properly.

Margin: Always try to get a good margin which is generally 0.5 inch at least otherwise some parts may go out of the paper. So always check this before hitting the “printing” button.

Paper Quality: Paper quality should be good at least otherwise printing quality will decrease. So paper quality should be of top quality.

Ink Quality: Don’t print these certificates using an ink jet printer or dot printer. Always use Laser Jet printer for this purpose.

After Printing process: Once you have printed the certificate, do some after printing processes. At first, do a little bit heat treatments so that inks can be settled soon after the printing.

On a different Note, if you are a teacher and looking for attendance sheet printable templates, we have got you covered.

Numerous sites offer free certificates templates online. But we recommend Free Diploma Template (www.freediplomatemplates.com) for it. The templates in this site fulfill every criterion of a standard high school diploma certificate. Moreover, all the templates all print ready. You just need a printer and a standard paper to print. It’s just a “5 mins work”. Is not it? We can bet, you did not think that it was gonna be that easy!


Free Certificate Templates 

If you have selected one of them, then we are left with the last step- completion of certificate design.

  1. Open the certificate in PDF Format, preferably with Adobe Reader 11 or above. The reason behind of using it, lower version or another PDF reader may not show the rich formatted area and sometimes this leads problems while printing. So don’t take any chance.
  2.  All the fields are editable, simply put the details- Name of the student, Year of passing, Grade or percentage, Subject on which he or she completed the course. And the last one and the most important one- Name of your school or Logo. (Remember, every template does not support image uploading)
  3. The next part completes the job. This is the “signature of authorized person”. Certificates are generally signed by the Principal of the respective school, but sometimes certificates are engraved with the signature of Principal and Director both.Simply tapping on the Signature area, we can upload the scan copy our signature. But if you wanna follow the traditional way of presenting certificated with Pen and paper signature, nothing could be awesome than that.

Free High School Diploma Template

There are numerous free high school diploma templates online. But choosing the right template is a very hard task. We have provided some high school diploma certificates here. You can choose a perfect high school diploma template from the below-mentioned ones according to your requirement.

  1. The below mentioned free printable High school diploma certificate is an example of a good design. Some features of this certificate is given below-
  • The look is very simple and the design is minimal.
  • Easily editable without much hassle.
  • Spacious margins for printing.
  • Ample space for big school name and student’s name also. Use size 14 and you can adjust up to 30 characters in a line!

certificate template

2. This high school diploma certificate template is exactly what you need. The color is traditional and the fonts are really gorgeous enough o match your requirement.  The eye-catching features of this template is mentioned below in a list format-

  • Minimally designed template.
  • Ample space for signatures and credits.
  • Landscape format which is traditional by format.
    certificate templates

3. Traditional looking simple high school diploma template. It’s very easy to edit and everything in this template is easily editable. The most positive point is that it satisfies many points of a standard diploma template. Let’s have a look on the features of this template-

  • Wonderful margin design which is really appreciable.
  • The Title fonts are catchy and resemble a great tradition of Engish Universities.
  • All the details can be put easily, and there is ample space for everything.

high school diploma

4. It resembles our primary kindergarten certificates. Though it does not look very appealing, the concept behind it is really cool. Find out the features of this high school diploma certificates here in below-

  • The look is really simple and straight forward.
  • Ample space for putting extra things together.
  • Space for putting the seal of the institution.
  • Two spaces for signatures- one is on the left, and another is on the right side.
  • Easily editable, editing the whole certificate may take up to 15 minutes max.

The background is white, and you can engrave the watermark of your institution easily, and the total look of the certificate will be changed!
high school diploma templates free5. It’s a traditional looking slight bluish high school diploma template. At the first look, you may not recognise the hidden features of this free printable high school diploma certificate, but if you go through the below-mentioned points you may get what we want to say- that’s why have a look here in below-

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  • A line is given for the “NAME” of the candidate and space is enough to accommodate a big name also!
  • Spaces are given for “DAY”, “MONTH” and “YEAR”, and space is given.
  • The space for the seal of the institution is given at the bottom of the certificate and the spaces for signatures are also given.

printable certificate templates

6. The design of high school diploma template is really outstanding and we found it out of the box and something you can call trend breaking. The design itself an example of a fusion of the traditional design and modern thoughts.

  • The design of this template is amazing and the globe in the middle resembles the world of knowledge that is marvelous.
  • Again, it’s easily editable and everything you can edit without any prior knowledge of editing, what you need to add is just a good fonts and the sense of the styling of the fonts and the sizes of the fonts.
  • Ample space for putting signatures on the templates.

That’s all. It’s an easy task, try it out. We are sure you never have to browse the internet again for High School Diploma Template. Get it and forget it. If you want to provide any suggestion to enrich the article, you are always welcome and we are requesting you to drop a comment below and we will respond definitely. Knowledge is all about sharing and we will request you to share the article related to designing of the high school diploma certificate templates with your friends on the social platforms and help us spread the knowledge of free certificate templates.

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