5th Grade Spelling Words For Free


5th grade spelling words: If your kid is in fifth grade, then he/she is on the edge of completing the primary education and knows about general sciences and a little bit about literature combining poems and prose.

It’s obvious that your kid is aware of the basic spellings of the words we usually use every day. To cope up with the English language fully, he/she needs proper practices of more and more vocabularies. It increases word stock and similarly practicing synonym, antonym stocks up the words also.

5th grade spelling words

There are various sheets available online that provides lists of spellings or words that you should practice on a daily basis to get a perfect knowledge of 5th grade spelling words.

Before providing a list of words that your kid should check on a weekly basis, we want to highlight some points that may make the full course interesting and may help to retain as much as possible.

Practice the words slotted for every day: Know the words and pronounce them at least 10 times each and then try to write some sentences using those words. Try to find out some synonyms of those words and then find some antonyms also.

Write few words that you have learned on the day before: If you are practicing it on daily basis then there is high chance that you might forget the words you just learned a day before, that’s why it’s important to practice the words which he/she has learned earlier and at the end of the week, a test on whole week’s learning should be arranged. And it can be arranged in the home!

5th Grade Spelling Words For Weekly Practice

Here is the week by week spelling words for 5th grade students. Check these and keep practicing.

Week 1 Sight words:

In the intial week, we should go with some very familiar words. Starts with the word Possibilities.

Here the list of 5th grade spellings goes-

suffix -ant, and academic vocabulary

  1. Possibilities 2. Comic 3. Feast 4. Betray 5. irritant 6. brilliant 7. adapt 8. ignorant 9. nomand 10. agriculture 11. grasp 12. quiet 13. sheepish 14. defendant 15. assistant 16. immigrant 17. migration 18. rounding week 19. Sight  20. complaint 21. extravagant

Week 2 Sight words:

suffix -ent, and academic vocabulary

1.osmosis 2. ashamed 3. respiration 4. someone 5. shovel 6.excellent 7. hedges 8. frequent 9. smiled 10.diffusion 11.absent 12.decadent 13. wheelbarrow 14. wonder 15.cytoplasm 16.cell 17. impatient 18.organelle 19. angle 20.wobble 21. consonant

Week 3 Sight words:

suffix -able, and academic vocabulary

1. continent 2. Africa 3. customary 4. infant 5. bottom 6.excitable 7. sleeve 8. melody 9. eagle 10.layer 11.desirable 12.register 13.breakable 14.folklore 15.tolerable 16.religion 17.tradition 18.ceremony 19. killed 20. notable

Week 4 Sight words:

suffix ible, and academic vocabulary

1. surprise 2. sway 3. hesitate 4. French 5. exactly 6.beige 7. remain 8.breathe 9. succeed 10.possible 11.tangible 12.gullible 13. horrible14. invisible 15.comprehensible 16.ipermissible17.tissue 18.mitochondria 19.specific 20.function

Week 5 Sight words:

suffix -able, and academic vocabulary

1.beetle 2. allowable3. avenue 4. climbed 5.continued 6. youth 7. wrote 8. launch 9. debate 10.plains 11.preferable 12.jewelry 13.comfortable 14.distinguishable 15.adaptable 16.membrane 17. regroup  18.active 19.passive 20.inverse 21.transportation

Week 6 Sight words:

number-related, and academic vocabulary

1. route 2. England 3. January 4. design 5.bruise 6. awkward 7.pentameter 8.triple 9.bicycle 10.cultural 11.billion 12.quadruple 13.unique 14.quadriceps 15.surplus 16.interact 17.specialize 18.uniform19.barter 20.economy 21.Octave

Week 7 Sight words:

“shun” words, and academic vocabulary

1.discard 2. entrance 3. valley 4.freight 5. February 6. president 7. station 8. trouble 9. situation 10.greatest 11.description 12.condition 13.subscription 14.prescription 15.introduction 16.composite 17.divisible 18.array 19.technique  20.factorization 21.aware

Week 8 Sight words:

 “shun” words, and academic vocabulary

1. loyal 2. coward 3. symbols 4. April5. application 6.drawing 7. saucer 8. admission 9. politician 10.beackon 11.recession 12.concession 13.stomata 14.production 15.chloroplast 16.chlorophyll 17.reduction 18.activate 19.photosynthesis 20.deception 21.vascular

Week 9 Sight words:

altered sound, and academic vocabulary

1. Express 2. choose 3. single 4.elasticity5. information 6. June 7. evaporate  8. ancestor 9.further 10.novel 11.authenticity 12.criticize 13.pigment 14.publicity 15.partial 16.transpiration 17.xylem 18.phloem 19.electricity 20.absorb 21.crimson

Week 10 Sight words:

Altered sound, and academic vocabulary

1. Comet 2. control 3. practice 4.commercial 5. straight 6. July 7. statement 8. interdependent9. galaxy 10.ethnicity 11.naughty 12.financial 13.racial 14.rely 15.circumstantial 16.process 17.sacrificial 18.cohesion 19.gravity 20.respiratory 21.meteor

Week 11 Sight words:

Altered sound, and academic vocabulary

1. palatial 2. August 3. coast 4. capillary 5. period 6. inferential 7. journey 8.flavor 9. substantial 10.suppose 11.essential 12.autumn 13.influential 14.spatial 15.residential 16.artery 17.vein 18.circulatory 19.menu 20.chamber 21.ventricle

Week 12 Sight words:

homographs, and academic vocabulary

1.Strange 2.received 3.worthwhile 4. dairy 5. September 6. caught 7. advocate 8. lawyer 9. God 10.captain 11.haunted 12.expedition 13.animate 14.articulate 15.graduate 16.magnetic17.longitude 18.latitude 19.compass 20.alternate 21.entrepreneur

Week 13 Sight words:

homographs, and academic vocabulary

1. convict 2.October 3. squirm 4. scissors 5. estimate 6. increase 7. direct 8.finance 9.wound 10.business 11.separate 12.approximate 13.desert 14.associate 15.certificate 16.navigation 17.colony 18.emperor 19.circumnavigation 20.cartographer 21.covert

Week 14 Sight words:

plural changes, and academic vocabulary

1. category 2. cactus 3. library 4. hospital 5.restaurant 6. clinic 7. students 8. nuclei 9. shelf 10.intestine 11.alumnus 12.alumni 13.November 14.cacti 15.nucleus 16.human 17.reform 18.esophagus 19.digestive 20.shelves 21.stomach

Week 15 Sight words:

plural changes, and academic vocabulary

1. index 2. December 3. mentor 4. fungi 5. internal 6. external 7. supply 8. indices 9. trading 10.provide 11.fungus 12.insect 13.hippopotamus 14.hippopotami 15.octopus 16.octopi 17.tributary 18.mission 19.slavery 20.doctor 21.charter

Week 16 Sight words:

 double w/-ed, and academic vocabulary

1. chapter 2. Asia 3. ignore 4. thus 5. mall 6. volunteer 7.  permitted 8. compound 9.grinned 10. settlement 11.admitted 12.controlled 13. modern 14.referred 15.inferred 16. plugged 17.exponent 18. standard 19.exponent 20.regularly 21. notation

Week 17 Sight words:

double w/-ing, and academic vocabulary

1. Australia 2. scowl 3. cougar 4. encounter 5. soldiers 6.tremor 7. silent 8. strapping 9. spinning 10.stopping 11.forgetting 12.expelling 13.transferring 14.equipping 15.regretting 16.excretory 17.bladder 18.kidney 19.vessel 20.sophisticated 21.oxygen

Week 18 Sight words:

polysyllabic ing, and academic vocabulary

1. Antarctica 2. headache 3. enjoy 4. elements 5. indicate 6.throughout 7. expect 8. exhausting 9. mumbling 10.interesting 11.appearing 12.complaining 13.explaining 14.developing 15.benefiting 16.alveoli 17.dioxide 18.saliva 19.obstacles 20.journal 21.conflict

Week 19 Sight words:

polysyllabic ing, and academic vocabulary

1. sense 2. Canada 3. mayor 4. famous 5. senator 6. colonel 7. movement 8. upsetting 9. exciting 10.branches 11.editing 12.entering 13.exiting 14.limiting 15.suffering 16.threatening 17.multiple 18.simplify 19.giant 20.quotient 21.substitute

Week 20 Sight words:

polysyllabic w/ suffix, and academic vocabulary

1. Mexico 2. instant 3.burglar 4. museum 5. normal 6. contentment 7. cloudiness 8. consider 9. suggested 10.illustrated 11.corresponding 12.presenting 13.pronouncing 14.beginning 15.committing 16.divisor 17.dividend 18.remainder 19.analyze 20.unpredictable 21.collectively

Week 21 Sight words:

polysyllabic w/ suffix, and academic vocabulary

1. position 2. entered 3.Egypt 4. laughter 5.giggling 6. whispers 7. murmur 8.wailing 9. chief 10.Japanese 11.measuring 12.tolerating 13.radiating 14.replacing 15.forbidding 16.inquiry 17.scientific 18.accompany 19.ally 20.treaty 21.massacre

Week 22 Sight words, prefix ad-, and academic vocabulary 1. Italy 2. visual 3.rhythm 4. mischief 5.freeze 6. major 7. observe 8.trophy 9. necessary 10.weight 11.adhesive 12.addict 13.adhere 14.adjacent 15.adjourn 16.connection 17.symbol 18.represent 19.obvious 20.reasonableness 21.interpret

Week 23 Sight words

prefix com-, and academic vocabulary

1.Spain 2. cruel 3. compression 4. needle 5. bothering 6.tragedy 7. particular 8.tremble 9. communicate 10.comparison 11.combine 12.companion 13.committee 14.commission 15.completely 16.desalination 17.groundwater 18.runoff 19.aquifer 20.aqueduct 21.irrigation

Week 24 Sight words:

prefix coll-, and academic vocabulary

1. Brazil 2. merchant 3. shoulder 4. industry 5. conscience 6. casual 7. sausage 8. cattle 9.realize 10.quarrel 11.collate 12.collegiate 13.collide 14.colloquial 15.collusion 16.reservoir 17.watershed 18.conservation 19.reclamation 20.assimilate 21.rivalry

Week 25 Sight words:

prefix dis-, and academic vocabulary

1. company 2.radio 3. China 4. genuine 5. capital 6. factories 7.patriot 8. appreciate 9. channel 10.southern 11.disadvantage 12.dissatisfied 13.dislike 14.disappoint 15.disapprove 16.condensation 17.evaporation 18.precipitation 19.vapor 20.seep 21.glacier

Week 26 Sight words:

prefix in-, and academic vocabulary

1.Germany 2. knitting 3. printed 4. wouldn’t 5. ahead 6.terrified 7. loveliest 8. level 9.noisily 10.molecules 11.inaccurate 12.inefficient 13.ineffective 14.insecure 15.inadequate 16.equivalent 17.multiplying 18.hundredth 19.thousandth 20.tenth 21.millionth

Week 27 Sight words:

prefix ob-, and academic vocabulary

1. France 2.repeated 3. column 4. western 5. violin 6.piano 7.trumpet 8. plural 9. various 10.oblique 11.oblong 12.obstruct 13.oblige 14.obnoxious 15.obsessed 16.environment 17.contrast 18.misconception 19.convection 20.unevenly 21.humidity

Week 28 Sight words:

prefix sub-, and academic vocabulary

1. opposite 2. Mercury 3. media 4. prepared 5. plentiful 6. solution 7. apostrophe 8. comma 9. exclamation 10.especially 11.subdivision 12.subheading 13.submarine 14.subcommittee 15.submerge 16.multiplicative 17.dew 18.indigo 19.capacity 20.indentured 21.servant

Week 29 Sight words:

suffix -ology, and academic vocabulary

1.Venus 2. passage 3. merciless 4. afraid 5. article 6. adverb 7. adjective 8. conjunction 9. subordinate 10.preposition 11.biology 12.archaeology 13.technology 14.pathology 15.mythology 16.terminology 17.zoology 18.saturated 19.formation 20.stalagmite 21.stalactite

Week 30 Sight words:

suffix -ology, and academic vocabulary

1. Jupiter 2. similar 3.fossil 4.rehearse 5. victory 6. stretched 7. experience 8. serious 9. allow 10.chronology 11.meteorology 12.sociology 13.psychology 14.theology 15.geology 16.erosion 17.weathering 18.dissolve 19.sediment 20.deposition 21.deposit Week

31 Sight words:

Greek root aero, and academic vocabulary

1.pleasant 2. Washington 3. Greek 4.Saturn 5. arbor 6.orchard 7.foliage 8. northern 9. create 10.British 11.aeronautics 12.aerobics 13.aerodynamic 14.aerosol 15.aerospace 16.dissenter 17.pilgrim 18.persecution 19.intolerant 20.numerator 21.denominator Week 32 Sight words, Greek root ambi, and academic vocabulary 1. difficult 2. Uranus 3.oboe 4.trombone 5. cello 6. clarinet 7. guitar 8. banjo 9. evening 10.ridiculous 11.ambidextrous 12.ambivalent 13.ambient 14.ambiguity 15.ambition 16.nitrogen 17.atmosphere 18.troposphere 19.mesosphere 20.thermosphere 21.stratosphere

Week 33 Sight words:

Greek root anti, and academic vocabulary

1. Neptune 2. apology 3. performance 4. details 5. entire 6. explanation 7. substances 8. voyage 9.dozen 10.conditions 11.antibiotic 12.antiseptic 13.antithesis 14.antidote 15.antisocial 16.planetary 17.altitude 18.diagram 19.typhoon 20.cyclone 21.hurricane

Week 34 Sight words:

Greek root ann/ enn, and academic vocabulary

1. Mississippi 2. tracks 3. arrived 4. located 5. soprano 6.prejudice 7. heritage 8. effect 9. underline 10.fortress 11.annual 12.anniversary 13.centennial 14.millennium 15.perennial 16.artisan 17.apprentice 18.meteorologist 19.blizzard 20.tornado 21.intensify

Week 35 Sight words:

Gk Roots audi/ astro, and academic vocabulary

1. auditorium 2. auditory 3. audience 4. audiometer 5. audition 6. audit 7. audio 8. audible 9. auditor 10.astrolabe 11.astronaut 12.astrophysics 13.astronomical 14.astrology 15.astronomy 16.auction 17.rebel 18.nuclear 19.fusion 20.sunspot 21.gravitational

Week 36 Sight words:

Gk Roots graph/ fract, and academic vocabulary

1. autograph 2. biography 3. autobiography 4. graphic 5. Columbia 6. spinach 7. lettuce 8. biographer 9. graphite 10.fracture 11.infraction 12.telegraph 13.refraction 14.judge 15.fringe 16.hydrogen 17.helium 18.photosphere 19.nebula 20.constitution 21.ratify

Feed us back with your valuable suggestions and tips. Let us know how your kids are improving in 5th grade spelling.