Baptism Certificates- Get Free Printable Certificates [New Designs]


Baptism is a process through which a Christian is converted into a true Christian personality. A person is enlightened with the true knowledge of Christianity. He or she is taught the sole purpose of our life and the meaning of our life. The whole foundation of baptism lies in the knowledge derived from the Bible and a person who devoted himself/ herself for the God- a Bishop tells the meaning of the “God” and the true target of our life as a human being. After successful completion of the whole process, the person gets a Baptism certificate. After the whole process is completed, the person starts a sentimental and completely religiously relation with the Church.

Through this process, every person reborn with the enlightened knowledge and a holy spirit and he or she becomes a son and daughter of the God! Baptism certificate is something that certifies that a person gets the proper knowledge of the life as a human being. If someone is asked to choose a design for the baptism certificate what he or she will do? These certificates are generally designed in an orthodox style, but in last few years, we have experienced some changes in the designs of the baptism certificates.

But every step should be checked multiple times because this is something where no error is tolerable. Everything should be in the proper manner. Why I am saying this is all the things here are directly wrapped up with religious sentiments. So it should be dealt with care.

Best Baptism Certificates- Free certificates for all

To get some fantastic baptism certificates check below. We have arranged many certificate templates for you. These are free to use and require no credit.

But before choosing a right baptism certificate template we should stress on some points-

  • We need to examine some templates of existing baptism certificates of some Churches
  • We need to understand the basic things of this certificate. So check the dimensions and design traditions of these certificates. (you may find maximum certificates are handwritten).

What should be our approach?

In today’s world online becomes the treasure trove of the information while Google becomes the ultimate teacher.

So, choose the template wisely after a thorough scrutiny of every template you have got within your reach.

Free Printable Baptism Certificates For You

There are tonnes of baptism certificate templates which can be easily used as a basic theme for any certificate to be designed. After few edits, these templates can also do magic!

#1 if you are looking for a traditionally designed baptism certificate then it can be your best bet. The design keeps the tradition in mind while the fonts reflect modernity.


 #2 this is another design that holds the “change from the tradition” in mind. The fonts are really impressive and match modern trends. (Google fonts are used).


#3 this baptism certificate reflects a blend of modern design with the true soul of religion. Opting this design can be great decision especially if you are looking for something out of the box.