Certificate of Recognition – Free Printable Certificates!!


A Certificate of Recognition: This is a special kind of certificate which is given as a proof of a legal document by any company or institution to any people for recognizing him or her for special actions or kind efforts towards any particular work or on any field. These certificates are presented to any person as an award sometimes. These are considered as the “recognition for co-curricular activities”.

When a Certificate of recognition is presented

These certificates are provided for any special efforts towards society. But the means and reasons of providing these certificates are practically wide enough to imagine even sometimes these have some special categories for presenting. Sometimes these are counted as the certificates of excellence in the corporate world. These are measures of the excellence on any field.

To appreciate the person who has done something extraordinary, these certificates are provided. Why these certificates carry some special values in our life? Because while anybody of us does something great, there must be a unique way of appreciation in return of course. In a line which serves humanity, these are presented to them only.

How to design these certificates? Do you have any clue? At the first time when I was encountered with the similar question, I also did not have any clue. Sometimes these are presented as the Certificate of Participation in some cases.

Here I am providing some checkpoints which should be looked while designing the template. These are the basic points or you better can say quality feature to be checked before designing.

Size and orientation: Most basic design aspect because a perfect design provides a special feel and sometimes a precisely cut certificate steals our heart and makes a soft corner in our hearts. That’s why the size matters a lot. You must emphasise on this while designing. The most traditional sizes are – portrait and landscape and the last one is followed in maximum cases though in some modern design the portrait format is also seen.

The size should be A4 otherwise that would not be print friendly. So Choosing A4 is the wise policy.

Colors: The second important feature which comes after size. Always check your chosen colors with someone else because which is good looking for you may not be the same for others. The design should be minimalistic and that’s why it should carry some light colors with dark fonts! try it and let us know.

Free Certificate of Recognition- Some Examples For you

Let’s find out some great designs which can lead some great artworks. Here these go-

#1 The simply designed certificate template can serve its best and it can be easily used for almost every purpose. The name of the person is embedded here in the middle and the details why the person is felicitated is written below.


#2 This design is easy to follow with minor edits and within few minutes you can make the whole design looks great. Certificate of Recognition

#3 This tiny template is great for every purpose serve. There is a big space for NAME and the reason WHY he or she is recognized for. 3

Feed us back with your experience so that we can improve the guide for all, thanks.