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    Confessions of a Homeschooler

    What you are about to read is the confessions of a homeschooler who happens to be a friend of mine and agreed to write here on the terms of anonymity. Without wasting your time further. let’s get started with the confession itself.

    Hello World,

    7 years of isolation to the outside world would make you a strange person. Or perhaps awesome! 14th April 2009. I shall remember it as a day which changed my life. For the good or the bad is yet not known.

    A man in his late 40’s, probably drunk ran his car over my disabling me for life. Unable to continue with my regular schooling, I was forced to get schooled at home. But as mentioned above, ‘for the good or the bad is yet not known’. Isolation from the society meant isolation from its negativeness too. From all that could corrupt me but perhaps what could make me stronger too.

    18th January 2016, I step out of the shell to meet the world. To learn that it’s as beautiful as dirty and disgusted. My friend Paul Milas asked me to do a confessions of a homeschooler on his blog and I though it’s a good opportunity to let out the things that are filled inside my heart.

    Back when it began

    Back in 2009, I got disabled when a man ran his car over me. Unable to attend regular school, my parents decided to get me home schooled. Being from an affluent family, the fee was not much of an issue.

    Miss. Becky, as the called her, was prickly and stern, but had a golden heart (something which I realized later). A 9 year old kid back then, isolated from friends make me believe life came to an end. Probably, whatever happens, happens for the better.

    With less of time to spend outdoors and even lesser with friends, my primary focus was on books. TV too, but Miss Becky imposed her own restrictions on my TV time. It was this isolation, which left me with little options but to read books. The course was boring, thus I shifted my interest to reading novel. That was perhaps my only Leeway to the outside world. And thankfully.

    Life in the shell

    Thankfully, because that age (10 to 16) was when most of my friends were influenced by the negativity of life. When their minds and soft and clay were molded and hardened into Satan’s horns. When they were introduced to addiction, hatred, violence, I was isolated and focused on learning. But it was depressing and lonely. Yes, a few of my former schoolmates used to visit every month or so, but it yet was difficult. I needed company. I needed a companion.

    Heidi joining me

    Heidi, our maid’s daughter was very keen to learning. But she was not privileged enough to afford it. She was very curious of my books. She was cute, soft, vivacious and bubbly. She had what I wanted, I had that she. Her presence made me happy and I did not want it to be limited. Convincing my parents was for sure difficult, but I managed involve Heidi join me in my home schooling course.

    Years passed

    I passed exam after exam and cleared grade after grade. At times being on the top. What made me more intellectual was perhaps having little else to do than studying. Heidi progressed too. It was happiness to see her grow.

    The doctor cures me

    A month ago, the doctors at King’s hospital declared me cures after years of therapy and said I would be able to walk again. My happiness knew no bounds. When back to my feet, I rushed to meet my former schoolmates.  They did not seem so pleased with my presence. They had changed, my isolation didn’t let me. Things were different now. People were different. I remained the same.

    Joining back school

    I am back to school. To understand what is different and why it’s different. Let’s hope I learn life the way others did. Let’s hope I live life the way others do.

    Editors Note: So, this way the confession of a homeschooler friend of mine. If you have anything to ask, drop in a comment. I would forward it to him and update the thread with his response.