Easy Peasy Homeschool 4th Grade Guide And Resources

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Easy Peasy Homeschool 4th Grade is one of the most important grades in the easy peasy curriculum. You would need to be extra cautious while following the syllabus and should provide your child the proper guidance he/she needs while following the syllabus.

Easy Peasy Homeschool 4th Grade

4th grade has been divided into 180 days and each day has a proper curriculum you need to follow so that your child could learn maximum. Day 1 would basically be the first day of your easy peasy homeschool 4th grade and you would be called a 4th grader from now on. 🙂

I would suggest you to have a proper internet connection since the curriculum contains a lot of links to other sources that you may have to download. So, be ready for that.

Lee Giles, the creator of easy peasy homeschool curriculum has laid down proper guidelines for each day i.e. from day 1 to day 180 which you would need to follow. Here is the curriculum/schedule for day 1.

Day 1–>Easy Peasy Homeschool 4th Grade

Day 1 consists of two sections, maths and reading. You will be required to complete the assignments mentioned below and then only you can move to the next day.


According to Lee Giles, the first day isn’t really dedicated to maths. She suggests that this year you should have a math notebook ready unlike the previous years.

  1. First things first, Play the medium level of this time game.
  2. Then Round to the nearest ten.
  3. Next Round to the nearest hundred.

I have explained the Maths section of the day 1 of easy peasy all in one homeschool fourth grade. You should go ahead and check out the detailed insstructions on Lee Giles website.

If you feel any problem in following the guidelines, just drop in a comment here and I would help you out.


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