Event Proposal Template- Download Free 10+ Samples

Event Proposal Template

Proposal letters are considered as the pitch letters because all your business stands on that and literally lives and dies with that. To design a perfect event proposal template you need to have a clear picture about the client’s vision and according to that, you need to frame that letter. Always remember one thing that proposal letters should be personalizing because in today’s world one size fits all proposal templates don’t work.

To design a basic template you need to work hard on that but once it’s prepared, you can rock with minor changes for different clients. What you need to do is emphasizing the client with his or her vision with the project. Once you have developed one master template, you can replicate that and replicate your success too!

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The first few things are hard to do, and then all the things will go streamlined once the template is shaped. Then let’s start some points which are a must in an event proposal template. Consider these points as the primary features of perfect pitching event proposal template.


Event Proposal Template- A Guide to prepare the template

Start with a story of the event you are going to organize and how an event can be whole memorable life in everyone’s heart. Because at the end of the day every human being is emotional and touch those strings once at the beginning and later on the move to the professional parts. If I am to prepare one template, I will design it in such a way so that it can touch the emotional parts at the beginning and the end of my piece. It improves readability, and it keeps the reader attached to the end, and a smart event proposal template designer does the same thing with his or her yearlong skills.

At the middle move into the part where you can portray yourself or your company as the utmost professional in the dealings and always touch those points which can make your clients feel that you are an expert. To do this magic, we will request you to go through the questions mentioned below and try to find out a proper answer (you need to think from the view of a client after the reading the proposal)-

What is the voice of the requirement? Does your effort instill the trust?

For your requirement, would you want to collaborate with the person?

Discussing the price for an event is the most crucial part of an event proposal letter, and that’s why designing this part is considered as the most difficult in the event proposal template. Always provide more than one options and let them choose which one to select. Don’t insist them with any recommendation from the options. Try to give the clients comfort from the sticker shock of your pricing. You can do one thing- list the options of your offerings with the features of each offering and mention the prices with each one.

Note: Don’t forget to mention that you can provide customized pricing for them if the client wants to mix some features from different options from your offerings.

Event Proposal Template- Some Samples for Better Understanding 

#1 This is a tick and select type event proposal template where clients need to pick out the option they love to include. It’s basically a self-evaluation type form where you can see how the price varies with the options.

Event Proposal Template

#2 It’s a beautifully designed business event proposal template and at the beginning, there is a detail of your company and last one is the page where all the details of your works will be included. Here the price will be decided over the phone. 2

#3 It’s a customised template for a corporate event proposal where the whole thing is managed into some subsections with proper index (like we use to see in a book).


That’s it. It’s very simple to make an event proposal template. What you need is to apply your brain a little to understand the client’s psychology and that’s all.