Free Printable Report Card Template For Primary & Secondary Grades


If you are running a school or college and if managing committee of your institution recommends changing the design of the report cards or mark sheet then as a Principal or Director if the institution you need to change the report card template. It’s also necessary to change the report card template after few years.

So, to change the design of the report card template, what would you do?

Hire a designer?

Frankly speaking, that will cost of few thousand bucks, isn’t it?

Then, what are the possible ways to get a printable report card with high resolution?

Online resources are the best, and there is no doubt at all. But to save those few thousand bucks you need to go through a simple research with few common senses.

Here we are going to provide the step by step process of selecting the best report card template from online sources.

Before proceeding to the main junction of discussion let’s have a look on some common points that need attentions.

Points to Check Before selecting a report card template

Now that you have made your mind, check out the online resources for the new report card template we want to show you some really cool points before you go on selecting the templates.

Minimal design: Always look for a template with the minimal design because it looks professional and keeps everything simple. Avoid templates with multiple colours. Go for black and white with some finishes of hue blue or something. Avoid the shades of red and pink.

Size: optimum sizes for report cards are required. You might have a preset mind about the size of the report card. Try to keep it traditional. Avoid going for bigger or smaller sizes.

Orientation: It’s another point to look for while selecting the report card template online. It does not matter what is in your mind about the orientation- portrait or landscape, go for the design that uses the orientation optimally. We always prefer portrait design.

Printability: There are some report card templates which are not print friendly at all. Some have water marks on the surfaces. Avoid these types of templates. Always have a checking round by printing the templates and sort those templates which are featured with high resolution.

Some Free Printable Report Card Templates For you

For your ease, we have handpicked some of the best printable report card template for you. You can download these templates and use easily without any credit.,


This is a simple looking report card template; you can directly save and use without any problem. It has all the options to put- starting from the number obtained to the absent count everything.



It’s another report card template that has some distinctive features including grades or number of cocurricular activities and all. The resolution makes it easily selectable.



Without proper features, you can set a standard report card for the classes. This report card template carries all the standard features of a standard report card.


Inform us which one you have taken and feed us back for the betterment of this guidance.