5+ Lesson Plan Template Word Templates

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Lesson plan template word are used in detail planning of a subject or in the planning of entire syllabus of a class. It includes everything starting from topics to tables etc. It includes every activity and instruction that actually reflects coherent scenarios of the activities altogether which pave the way of learning of the students.

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Lesson planning is a clear instructional manual that reflects the whole planning of completing a syllabus and the step by step directions of how to complete the daily lessons and how to carry out the same.

Lesson Plan Template Word should include these points-

  • Daily lesson plan, how to carry out the daily lessons with the help of diagrams and useful tables.
  • Strategies to engage learners by adopting useful teaching tools.
  • All resources and study materials and the process of monitoring the progress of students.
  • Learning tasks which are used to assist students.

A perfect lesson plan is made in such a way so that students with different level of abilities can follow the lessons. A responsive lesson plan is the fit plan for a healthy class.

lesson plan template wordTo step up with the modern teaching techniques all veteran teachers started following a detailed lesson plan template word which is highly structured and locked up with the style of the syllabus.

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Every lesson plan must be considered as a guide for teachers not a blue print for style and content of teaching. A note for the teachers- Don’t be afraid to improvise the plan if needed. Always remember a line- a good teacher is an artist so be better prepared before presenting anything to your studs because in early ages every young stud follows you.

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Here for your assistance, we have added some best lesson plan templates so that you can easily pick anyone of these and start your work without being interrupted anywhere. While picking up the best lesson templates we tried to make sure that these templates met every need and the plan goals are met. You can easily save and use these lesson templates because these are all printable.

Types of Lesson Plan Template Word-

Daily Lesson Plan: It’s a preliminary lesson plan; here teachers need to focus on daily activities instead of fortnightly or monthly course work. It’s basically a baseline of a long term plan of completing syllabus.


Monthly Lesson Plan: Monthly lesson plan includes a day to day plan of teaching and a proper flow chart of how to accomplish the target of teaching while providing full flexibility to the students. Time for self-improvements like library works and preparation of teaching methodologies are also included here.

The lesson plan template given above is the simplest one. It lucidly describes the purpose and the way of teaching and learning.

lesson plan templates doc

This one is very common and every teacher and student is familiar with these kind of templates. Anyone can easily go through it without having any hassle.

lesson plan template

Lesson Plan Template for High School

For high school we need to take extra care because in high school classes everything related to teaching should be mentioned there in the lesson plan of each subjects. At high school time, it’s a very crucial period to shape the future and the base of knowledge.

These templates are unique by character, why? – Because these templates touch all the vital points of a perfect lesson template. These points are-

Learning goal: What will students learn about the topics through this lesson?

We need to set the objective of the lesson template first, and for that, we have to clarify some basic questions like what will students learn this lesson?

Time: Estimate time of the discussion or in short how long every part of the lesson will take to be finished. The time frame of the task or lesson is very important, and that’s why estimation of the project and how much time each part of the lesson will take.

Sequence: Describe and point out what will happen at the time of each and every part of the lesson.

Assessment: It’s one of the most important parts, and it reflects how will you know what your students have learned the lesson?

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How to Write Lesson Plan 

To start with a good lesson plan template word, we need to get an idea of lesson plan- what we should include or what we need to pin on the lesson plan.

  1. Get a clear idea of the syllabus of the class.
  2. Choose which chapter you want to cover.
  3. Time duration of each class.
  4. Which things we need to include definitely.
  5. Video, image and chart for references.

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