Mountain Home Public Schools: Four Myths

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Education is one of the sectors that helps build the economy of any given community, state, nation or region. In fact, it is among the yardsticks used to measure the sate of development in a community. The educated communities have an upper hand over others who have not received it.

Long ago, especially when the art of reading and writing was not known, people used to undergo informal education so as to give them knowledge and skills required for survival. But these days, there are schools such as mountain home public schools which are a great source for formal education.

Nowadays, education trends have changed even though there are communities that still value informal eructation. The current day world puts a lot of emphasis on schooling as a way of learning where people go to school either public schools or private schools.

The public schools are run by the governments of the respective countries and in some places are free of charge. However, there are many myths associated with mountain home public schools as discussed below.

Four Myths about Mountain Home Public Schools

1)Public schools are not better than private schools

This assertion is held by some people who prefer taking their studies in private schools for various schools. However, it is meaningless in that there is nothing like typical public schools. Since the public schools are running on a decentralized system in many countries, quality varies tremendously.

It is a well-known fact that many of these institutions outdo their counterparts in private schools depending on any indicator one chooses. This claim should not have relied as far as the selection of an institution on is concerned.

It is paramount that parents, guardians, and students realize that knowledge and understanding have no address. Understanding doesn’t reside in a given place or another.

Indeed, now that barrier that once curtailed the access to information have been broken down by the internet, this reality carries much more truth compared to any other given time. A person can get high-quality education from their mountain home public schools.

2) Public schools don’t have good teachers

Let us look at this claim head-on. The most recent data from education stats reveal that the staff in these schools is better trained compared to their colleagues in the private institutions.

On average, they have more experience and undergo strict scrutiny when being hired. They must have certificates to prove that they have graduated at their required levels and merit is a plus in the hiring exercise.

3) Public schools have bad influence

It is true that the mountain home public schools receive students from different backgrounds as the education policies dictate.

In fact, they should be open to everyone. However, the fact that there are cases of students who have no pure interests in education, doesn’t mean that their influence will destroy your kids’ character. This si because the staff around are quick to identify such things as peer influence and have ways that help deal with this problem squarely.

4) No academic rigor

Recent changes in public schools accountability and testing have reduced the issue of ‘earning’ certificates without learning much. It is therefore, not correct to say that this option is still there in public schools and all you should do is teach your kid to be serious in class to earn genuine diplomas.