Software Project Proposal Template


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Before we proceed, Let’s define the project proposal!

“A document that you provide to clients or potential sponsors to get financial assistance or project approval”

Project proposal shows the most crucial information about your project. This is the key that sponsors or clients use to evaluate or approve your project, before allocating funds for it!

Although, this post is about Software project proposal template. But honestly, there is no hard and fast rule to do it. Every project differs when it comes to requirements. Still, there are certain points that you should follow while writing a proposal! So, why not check’em all!

Components of Software Project Proposal Template


  • Cover Page
  • Table Of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Scope Of Work
  • Technical Plan
  • Management Plan
  • Commercial Plan


  • Appendices

Executive Summary

Usually, the client and sponsor do not have time to read the complete proposal. Hence, you should prepare a precise summary stating project details briefly.

Keep following things in mind to write a killer summary:

  • Discuss the problem for which you’re making software
  • Explain what is the best solution for the current problem!
  • Briefly, explain why your software is the best solution
  • Use the lucid language, because the businessman may not have knowledge about computer programming
  • Finally, state the approximate cost of the project!
  • Your summary should not exceed than a page!

Scope Of Work

The scope of work is a heart of any project proposal. Here, you have to elaborate precisely the actual problem that you’ll resolve and the limitations of your service.

Here, address following points:

  • Clearly, state that you’ve understood the problem, and you know how to solve it
  • Precisely explain your services in quantifiable terms
  • Mention what you cannot perform, so there will be no ambiguities in future!

Technical Plan

As the name implies, here you’ll shed lights on your technical abilities and competencies. In simple words, you can talk about the technologies that you’ll use for creating software. Yes, you can use all the technical jargons you were waiting for!

Generally, this section includes following components:

  • Requirements study
  • Project planning
  • System design
  • Development
  • Acceptance
  • Support

Important Note:

You must clearly mention entry and exit state for each phase.

The length is not limited to this section, but keep it relevant and precise!

Management Plan

You will make the software, but you won’t own it if making for a client. If that’s case, use this section to convince your client about their entire control on the project.

Here, you can share details like project monitoring, quality assurance, and reporting. You may arrange a team for management, then specify the roles, responsibilities, and duties of all team members. In short, you’ve to ensure that you’re creating software for the client!

Commercial Plan

Although, it comes in the end, but always get the extreme attention. This section is all about total cost, tenure, terms and conditions of a project proposal. It is best to break up the payment or cost into smaller sections for the sake of convenience!

Just avoid the use of vague information. Be absolutely precise!


In the end, you may mention any support documents for client’s solid understanding about the project!

Just follow the above-cited points to prepare a killer Software Project Proposal Template!

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