Spelling Activities for 2nd Grade Students (Homeschoolers)


    Like every program, spelling learning program also has its activities. There are several kinds of activities which you can go for if you child is in second grade especially because at this age children start to be conscious about learnings. They start writing and painting with their class works. In their earlier classes, they learnt about different common happenings, objects and animals. To maintain their nature of curiosity, some spellings activities for 2nd grade students can be arranged.

    Now that they are in second grade, they are well aware of alphabets and numbers, let’s teach them something more interesting- spellings. Spellings are considered as the first step towards learning a language properly. You may talk in several different languages but to get a deeper understanding of the language you need to learn alphabets and spellings of those languages.

    Spelling Activities for 2nd Grade Students

    There are many activities that can be chosen for the spelling activities for 2nd grade students easily. These are easy to be opted and requires almost no specialty.

    Some of those are listed here-

    1. Simple Word Game
    2. Flash the cards
    3. making a word using letters given
    4. Identify the word etc.

    We are going to describe the activities in details here-

    1. The simple word game: We all know how to play the simple word game. As your child is in second grade, choose to play with the words up to four letters maximum. Go with the names of animals and very common things around. This process ignites the power of creating spellings in themselves. Start with very basic words and sometimes tell him / her to invites their friends into this game. Therefore your child can learn more new words from his/ her friends as well. It will increase his/ her vocabulary stock.

    2. Flash the cards: Another easy yet interesting game for the second grade children. You can make some cards where some common words will be written. Then, the game starts. This game can be played in some different ways.

    • Place the card in front of your child, and tell him/ her to pronounce the word written on the card.
    • You speak a word and tell your child to find out the card which it was written on.
    • Leave a blank space sometimes and tell him/ her to fill the gap. This will increase consciousness about any spelling.

    3. Making a word using letters given: Its another specular and widely used way to increase vocabulary stock of your child and make him/ her interested towards spell words correctly. The game is very simple. You need to provide some letters (at least 10 letters). Then ask your child to make 10 different words using those letters. Its a proven way to stock up the known word level. If he/ she makes any wrong word, guide him/ her to check the word in the dictionary, this way he/ she can check himself/ herself what he/ she has written!

    4. Identify the word: Tell a word and ask your child to find the word from a passage of a newspaper. try it. its very effective and requires nothing but a newspaper!

     Stay in touch with us and write us if you have any other effective spelling Activities for 2nd Grade Students.