How to Teach Spelling well, Some Proven Tricks


Teaching becomes a very tough job when you are given some responsibilities of children. Spelling is one of the foremost steps towards learning a language. If children are in third grade, then your job turns towards a little bit heavier. Some systematic and scientific ways should have opted if you are planning to teach spelling well. We may have thought that teaching primary level education like “letters, spellings and dictations” are easier than the higher level teaching. But trust me, my friends, your thought was absolutely wrong. Managing children is one of the toughest responsibilities especially when you are about to teach spellings!

How to teach spelling well

There are many ways to teach spellings, but it depends on upon the students and the environment which process you should opt for. Let’s start with some innovative and some traditional process of teaching our children the first step of the English language.

Exact pronunciation: First step of learning any spelling is that to pronounce a word correctly. If you can’t pronounce, you can’t spell the word; it’s a fact. That’s why children should be taught how to pronounce words and the exceptions also.

Flash card play: It’s a new way to teach spelling and this is found very effective sometimes. You need to make some flash cards with words written on those, clearly and preferably in bold. Flash the card first and tell your child to pronounce it. In the second round, you spell the word and tell him/ her to find out the exact card where the word is written. This way they can recognise the alphabets and the words gradually. For teaching spelling well, this is one of the most efficient ways.

Memory Game: This is very interesting especially when you jump into competition with your child. And be assured that your little child will make your knee down many times. Here, in this game, every person will spell a word and write that down one after another on a paper and try to recall all the words every time before writing the new one. Many of us have tried this kind of game earlier in our school life without knowing the fact that it’s basically a spelling game and memory enhancer as well.

Word Puzzle: If there are two children, you can place this awesome game in front of them and gradually they will like it. Here, one person writes a word in a graph sheet assuming that each graph rectangle is allocated for a letter only. Taking the letters in consideration, another person is needed to make another word. After writing a word, every person needs to explain what the word means.

Word Hunt: It’s a very popular game among the children. Here the children are told to find some words from newspapers and to highlight those. All the words are pronounced by the teacher and after guessing the word, children are to find the exact in the newspaper and who does it fast wins.

Board Race: Here, two children are to spell and write the words told by the teacher as fast as possible on the board. Who can finish writing all the words correctly by beating another win.

These are the best-known tricks to spell words correctly and teach spelling well. Write to us if you have faced any issue. We are here for you all time.