Wording for Certificate of Appreciation


A certificate is not just a paper, it’s a valid proof that someone has done something on the field of his or her academic or career or social life. But when we are asked to design the matter which will be written on a certificate we simply go blank minded and nothing comes into our minds easily. The bitter thing is that we always adhere to the lines we like most but a design should attach some formal words so that the meaning can be understandable easily.

Wording for certificate of appreciation

At starting, we want to provide some info which can be used easily to state that someone has done an incredible job towards humanity or in his or her corporate life.

You can use these below-mentioned variations and these are really effective for any type of certificate.

  • is awarded to
  • is hereby awarded to
  • is presented to
  • is given to
  • is hereby bestowed upon

Body of the certificate

There is a body which describes the things (achievements/ award etc) within few lines. Sometimes the lines are self-explanatory. But try to mix emotions with the lines because when they (receivers) will read the lines in future everything will be flashed on their mind. A simple certificate will make them recall their past with some simple words because these will pull the chords of their hearts.

When someone is being referred in a certificate, some lines with some words like the below-mentioned are engaged all time.

  • in recognition of
  • in appreciation for
  • for achievements in
  • for outstanding achievements in

These things describe the accomplishments or achievements of their life.

How to maintain the lines for a certificate

  1. Follow any applicable guidelines: If you are landed for responsibility for designing a certificate and you are given full authority to select the words for a specific reason then always be alerted because a wrong word can spoil everything. Go with the simply appreciable words for designing the sentence in full.
  2. Keep everything formal: Always keep the lines formal because after all everything is official and the certificate should reflect the same. Don’t go for selecting funny words or breezing sentences and we prefer to stick to the formal words.


A date is an important parameter of a certificate and it can be formatted in some designs. Here we are providing some formats so that you can choose anyone of these standard date format. These are simple and are found on the right corner either on top or bottom.

  • is presented on October 31, 2014
  • is awarded on the 31st of October, 2014
  • on this 31st day of October


At last the signatures of the authority are the ultimate thing without which a certificate does not carry any value. Generally the signatures are printed at the bottom. More than one signature is a common feature of the certificates. That’s why leaving enough space at the bottom of the paper is an intelligent idea to accommodate all (even if the names are long).

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