Attendance Sheet Printable Templates For Free


Attendance tracking of every student is an important task as a teacher. It provides an overall idea whether any student has not found any subject interesting or not. It gives us ideas about some other parameters like regularity of students, leaves count and unexcused absents of the students. Attendance sheet is important for all these reasons.

Attendance Sheet- Why it is important

Attendance sheet is important for many things when you have more than ten students in class. Usually, we can’t remember who has been present in all classes or who has not been. That’s why a real time record is necessary. Attendance sheet does the task here.

Attendance Sheet- What are the features

There are some features which a standard attendance sheet must include. These are as follow-

Monthly Attendance Record: A standard attendance sheet always has an at a glance Record of monthly attendance record where a record of everyday attendance is kept. You can get straight to the dates when a student missed classes, and it becomes easy to find out the most consistent students in the classes, and if someone is skipping classes, we can easily identify the cause after a face to face session after classes.

Attendance Sheet Printable

Space for all students’ Details: A standard attendance sheet has to be fit for all students’ data. That’s why it’s important to have enough space to write the attendance and the causes of absents for all the students in class.

Column for remarks: We often miss this feature. A good attendance sheet must include a special column for remarks. Remarks state that why a leave is taken. Apart from this, it reflects a blank space where you can put important notes for each student.

What you should look for while selecting free attendance sheet online

There are some features you should look for while you are roaming online to download free attendance sheets. The features are listed up above, but there is hardly any sheet that can match the requirements of a standard professional attendance sheet. We need something solid which we can go for blindly. Here the features go-

The size of the Sheet: The sheet of attendance should be as per the standard size- A4 or letter. If you select a good looking and feature rich attendance sheet with an abnormal size, you can’t print those sheets using a printer. That’s why always go for a familiar paper size.

Margins of the sheet: Have a look at the margins of the sheet because if you don’t look at the margin, it will kill your all efforts at last when you go for printing the sheet. If the sheet has short margin, then you can’t print the whole page properly. A standard sheet of attendance must have a standard margin which is between 0.5 to 1.0 cm.

Attendance Sheet Printables

Some Free Attendance Sheet for you

Here are some free references of attendance sheet for you. These are handpicked by our team and all of these are ready to use. Just put the names of the students start your activities with these attendance sheets.

An attractive looking attendance sheet where every detail is mentioned properly and thats why it is selected as one of the best templates for students attendance.

Another sheet of attendance that is taken here for its precise design and compact format. You can choose this template as your own template for checking students attendance.

If you prefer functionalities over design then its a piece to choose. It has solid features and it does not provide anything that is not required to track attendance.

Buzz here, if you get stuck anywhere using these ultimate attendance sheets. Suggestions are welcome so we can upgrade this assistance article for teachers like you!