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high school template diploma

Simple and professional way to celebrate the time and effort of your students!

Are you a designer who has been hired to create a blank high school diploma template? You have come to the right place!

high school diploma certificate

The students gain the value in the shape of high school diploma certificate on passing the high school successfully. Diploma certificate is like a certificate of completion. Such certificate adds value to any program from kindergarten to college. The academic institution’s issue certificates to students on reaching new milestones. We can say that certificate is obligatory to any program that necessitates incremental training.

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How To Make A Blank High School Diploma Template?

Let’s discuss the point why you are here. You need guidelines to design a blank high school diploma template for your school.

Every high school administration issues the certificate to the students on passing all the subjects. This is a necessary document for getting admission in the college or university.

Of course, the school administration is not going to do special arrangements for making a certificate for each student. Instead, they hire designers to create an editable blank high school certificate template. All you have to do is insert the details of students. Hassle free job!

Here, we have mention few tips for making a blank certificate template:


Before designing the template, it is best to check out as many diplomas as possible. You must examine all the elements of the certificate. Some things are common among all templates like dimensions, style of writing and font, etc. The rest of elements vary as per the school.

Choice of Software

The era of plate printing has gone. We have high-tech inkjet printers which can print out high-quality certificates. You can also find the high-quality paper in the market. As you are a designer, you must use expert software like Photoshop or Illustrator for making the template. Later, you can convert it into editable .pdf for the sake of convenience.

Placement of elements

You must place the name of the school at the top. Always select official fonts like Century Gothic, Arial or New Times Roman, etc. Keep it as simple & professional as possible. Usually, the name of diploma holder is placed at the bottom. On the corners at the bottom, the principal and secretary sign the certificate.

Official Seal

As school has hired you, the administration must have shared the official seal’s digital file with you. You can place it on the diploma template on the bottom as a proof of validity.


Try to resist the temptation of using colors on the template. Black and white certificate has the most aesthetic appeal.

Free Blank High School Diploma Template – Free Printables

We are here to help. It will take forever to go through Google images for finding the best diploma templates. For your convenience, here we have shared high-quality high school certificate templates for free! Hopefully, these examples will inspire you in creating great diploma certificate!

Blank High School Diploma Template

Blank High School Diploma Template


blank high school template

blank diploma template

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