Certificate of Appreciation Templates And Letters


Appreciation is a thumb up experience which is expected by everyone after successful completion of any job or task. Appreciation is often given by certificates or crest in school and colleges. After annual sports and exam results, the winners and rank holders get Certificates of Appreciation. If you have a job, then you might have an experience of “best employee of the month” or something like that.

Designing certificates is a hectic job while we have plenty of options available online and that are also free. Let’s have a look at those options.

Certificate of Appreciation

Why Certificate of Appreciation?

There are many resources where you can source your customized certificates from. But online resources are the simplest one. With a click, you can explore hundreds of free appreciation certificates. That’s why we also prefer online resources over other resources.

Features of these free online appreciation certificates

As these certificate templates are throwing at free of cost online, a thought may come in your mind that the templates are not up to the marks regarding quality and design. But be assured these are awesomely designed for immediate printing. If you are confused about which template to finalize, then choose a professional looking simple template.

All these cost nothing. Easily download the templates which are ready to use. After downloading start printing once, minor adjustments are done.

Which things you should not forget while selecting free templates

There are some points you should not forget while you are on pace to select some certificates of appreciation for free online. These are-

The size of the template: Don’t forget the size of the template. It should be in standard size either in portrait or landscape size. Size matters a lot while you are preparing to appreciate someone.

Colour: Color means a lot in this case. All the colours should be formal, and nothing should be in such way that the template looks like a child’s painting. Avoid tint colours and choose light colours instead. Some tints provide a good effect, though!

Design: Always look at the design of the templates available online first. The design is the first thing that lures the participating people to do more and unleash their talent out of the box. That’s why a great design is needed for that purpose. Design should be minimal and eye catching.

Options for customization: If you select a great design, but there is little option for further customization then you simply wasted your time. The designs should be minimal so that you can do maximum customizations like putting the name and logo of the institution or company etc. The template should work like a template; that’s all.

Some points you should not miss

While selecting the best certificate template online for appreciation purposes, don’t forget some really important points. Have a look at these points and remember while getting the best designs for your purpose.

Add motivational lines: As because you are selecting the templates for appreciation, that’s why always look for something that has a line of motivation written on it. Try to write something if the original template does not have anything.

The name should be printed: The names should not be handwritten otherwise it will look cheap. Get the names of the participants printed on the certificate of appreciation.

Choose the paper before printing: Always print the certificates of appreciation on photo paper having GSM more than 300. Glossy paper is preferable to print the certificates. If you have selected a colorful template, then get the prints on a matte paper. It makes the whole certificate of appreciation looks extraordinary.

Some Free Certificates Of Appreciation Templates

Here we have presented some certificate of appreciation templates which you can use in many ways.

This is an awesome looking blueish portrait sized appreciation certificate template.You can edit the watermarks easily using some online editing tools.

One of the most beautifully designed templates for certificates of appreciation. Normal looks with minimal design get all things for a professional template.

Wonderful design is the first feature of the above certificate template. Attractive looking design gets all the things as per the professional way of presenting something like appreciation certificates. Same goes true with certification of completion template

Some FAQs about Free Online certificates of appreciation

Are these certificates printable?

Yes, the certificates are ready to print. Just download these and change the particulars according to your needs and get prints on high-quality papers.

Are these free to use?

Yes, all the templates of appreciation certificates are free to use.

Is there any need to give credit while printing?

No credit is required to be given. You can print the certificate template free and without giving any credit.

Don’t hesitate to ask me anything if you have faced any problem in getting these free certificates of appreciation. Comment below if you are facing problem in editing, I will try to help you out.