10+ Free Certificate of Course Completion Templates


After successful completion of a task, job, internship, course and degree in every steam, university or institute or company declare the candidate as a successful candidate who completed the whole thing properly and provides a valid certificate of completion.

Every Institute, University, and company have their customized completion certificate template which is followed every year with minor changes overall. If you are running an institution where you will need to design a beautiful certificate for completion for the students of outgoing batch then either you need to hire a designer or try to get into the last resort of online resources.

Do you know what kills out time and efforts while searching for a suitable template? In maximum cases, we don’t know what we want exactly. Sometimes we blindly copy designs from others institute and university but remember one thing that the image of your University or Institute or company will be reflected if you design it with a creative person.

Free Certificate Of Completion Templates Online- Why we should use these

Creating designs of completion certificate template costs not more than 1000 bucks. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and rectifications. That’s why it’s best to find out the free certificate templates for completion. It saves time and efforts both while saving a bunch of bucks too. After doing some minor changes, anyone can make beautiful award certificates template which can be used for real purpose and the quality of the design maintains the dignity of your college or university or company as well.

That’s why we have come up with something which can be an assist for you if you have been searching for something awesome and something usable. Many people will forbid you and advice not to go for a free certificate template but trust us, people say these types of words because they can’t modify those beautifully designed templates for completion certificates. Not it’s your move to prove these wrong.

Before choosing the best completion certificate to remember these following points–

Design should be elegant, and colors should be professional and try to avoid multi-colored designs. Choose a design which has two or three colors maximum.

Size should be standard, and there are two types of templates- Portrait and landscape format. The size should not exceed the standard size which is 12 inch by 8 inches.

Choose a certificate template which has really good and attractive fonts. Don’t go for a template which includes funky fonts. Certificates should be formal and clean. Fonts and overall design should be minimal.

Some Awesome Free Completion certificates to use

We have collected some really good completion certificate templates for you so that you don’t have to waste time in search of free but beautifully designed templates. Go for one of these and do some little changes and start using your template. You don’t have to worry about any copyright issue as these are free of cost and free to pick.

Here are some points you need to take care of while editing the templates-

  • Add the logo of your university/company at proper place and put the name on right side.
  • Add the watermarks if you want.
  • Put the signatures in perfect places and you are done!
  • Customize the templates with something like seal etc.

Completion Certificates in Portrait Format

Portrait format is very famous because many universities/ companies have left the conventional landscape design and this type of certificate is being used by some famous universities/ companies. Here we have listed some kick-ass free completion certificates.

Advantages of Portrait Design

A new trend has come in designs of completion certificates. Nowadays, portrait design is very famous among certificate designers.

Clean and Uniform Layout: Our eyes are compatible to see portrait pages because from childhood we use portrait sized books and copy.

More lines can be added: If a certificate is designed in portrait format then you can add more lines than the landscape one.

It’s a simple template if you are looking for something normal. There are spaces for seals and enough spaces are left blank for minimal looking.

It’s a superb looking template where you need to put some details and you will be done with a fresh looking completion certificate template.

certificate of completion

This is a very good template and looks very fine. Check whether it matches your requirement or not!

Completion template in Landscape Format 

Sometimes opting something traditional helps us to gain confidences of the people. If you want to go with the flow then we have some really cool templates for degree certificates. Just do some changes and these may hardly take an hour to set and then……BINGOOOO. You are done!

Advantages of Landscape Design

We are familiar with these kinds of designs of certificates and might have received many in this style also!

Familiar certificate design: We are familiar to get certificates in this format because till now maximum boards and universities and companies offer certificates in a landscape format.

This looks very elegant and professional. Change the details and get your customized template.

This is a new template. It’s used by Arizona State University. You can customize it according to your requirements.

This one is a good certificate especially when you are looking for a minimal certificate template for designing your certificates.

If you are facing any problem with these completion certificate templates feel free to ask anything anytime. You are welcome!

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