Free Certificate of Participation Templates For Download!!


Certificate of participation is a valid proof of participation in any function. Generally, in school and colleges, these kinds of participation certificates are distributed especially at the time of annual function like sports and debate, etc. But designing the certificates is a headache because these have attached brand of the schools and colleges with these. That’s why choosing the best design for certification of participation is the first and foremost way to get a step ahead.

But do you know how to choose a template of a certificate of participation in a most effective way?

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Yes… You got it right. Online searching is the best way to find out the most relevant and beautifully designed certificates. Let’s know why “web” is the best trove to find anything related to education.

Certificate Of Appreciation Download

Unlimited resource: We all know that the web is the best teacher and it has unlimited resources to find out the most relevant things we type. If we go for anything, internet world suggests us a lot of links related to the searched thing. So everyone has numerous options to choose from.

Certificate of participation

Eye-catching designs: No one can imagine how many templates of certification of participation are there online.  Many templates can be easily categorized into premium templates. You can even get these premiums looking easily pickable and customizable (editable) templates at absolutely free of cost. This is another reason why we prefer online resources over other.

Some points to consider before choosing a design for Certificate of Appreciation

There are some points which should be considered before you choose any design because once you have selected and the certificates are printed, then nothing can be done. So it’s better to go over the below-mentioned points and check whether the shortlisted templates have matched these points or not.

Design: In most cases, designs of these certificates are designed on a landscape paper but in some modern designs these are printed on a portrait paper. That’s why it depend upon you and the director of the institution which template to go with.

Certificate of participation template

Color: Color of the template should be minimal. It should not contain many colors together.  Otherwise, it will look a child work. So choose the colors wisely. We prefer light colors and if the base color is white, then it’s better.

Print Friendliness: Always see this feature because its one of the features that make any template really useful. if your template is very beautiful by design but does not have this feature then that is absolutely not usable.

Free Certificates of Participations 

Here we are providing some really print-friendly certificates of participations so that you can start direct editing and anytime print these certificates easily. That’s all. You can use these free templates for participation certificates without giving any credit.

 #1 This is a very simple looking template and it can be easily edited within few minutes. No one will not know that it’s an edited free certificate of participation template.

#2 Another minimal looking free certificate of participation for the one who is looking for an easy and clear template.