High School Diploma Template Word Free Download!!

High School Diploma Template Word

High School Diploma Template Word

The certificate is a symbol of proof of someone’s skills on a specific domain. Every certificate carries a gravity of the matter on which it certifies. The words in a certificate are very important because someone’s career depends upon this simple certification. Many employers see how a University or institution certifies a student who is eligible for that specific degree or award. If you are a high school diploma grad, then the words imprinted on your certificate mean a lot.

Let’s have a look at the high school diploma template word so that being a designer we can have knowledge how to set those few lines and spaces so that it manages to look awesome and provides a premium feel as well.

High School Diploma Template Word

There are certain features which should be maintained anyhow. Few of these are mentioned below.


Lines should be appropriate: Let’s have a session on how the lines will be appropriate where order and placement will be fine enough to describe the matter of the award and gravity of the degree. Remember one thing- these lines speak a lot when finding on any employer’s hand. Though we have a wrong understanding that employers don’t see the certificates properly, they check the skill sets and the highest degree obtained only. This is absolutely wrong. When you submit your certificate during an interview, they feel the certificate and sometimes read the full certificates, so there should not be any chance of error.

Proper Space for signatures: Another important aspect of any certificate especially for the high school diploma certificates. Traditionally at the bottom of the certificates, spaces for signatures are provided. Though many designers wish to change it, we recommend keeping the things like it as before- at the bottom. Some certificates carry more than one signature; keep spaces for that signature carefully at the bottom.

Seal Space: Recently embedding a security seal has been a trend. As a designer always leave space for the seal. This seal can be of 3D hologram where the name of institution or logo of the institution changes with the angle of the light reflection. So it’s very important for a certificate.


The language of the lines: Traditionally, the lines are kept in the passive voice, and we also recommend the same thing because we are habituated to see the things for a century, changing it can raise many eyebrows. Always discuss with the institution authority before you decide any change as final. They may also have a lot of things as input during the designing.

Fittings of the lines in the certificate: Another aspect to consider, generally designers try to keep 80:20 lines and blank space ratio while designing because putting everything altogether might make the whole thing clumsy.

Always keep in touch with us if you have gone confused anytime during designing your assignment on high school diploma especially if you are about to set the words of the certificates. Comment below to come in touch immediately and don’t forget to mention the problem as well.

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