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Easy Peasy Homeschool

Easy Peasy Homeschool aka Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool is a free curriculum provided online for Homeschool students by a homeschooling mom named Lee Giles. She shares the curriculum generously with homeschooling students without charging a penny.

Her teaching methodology consists of a mixture of traditional and new style. One one hand the curriculum makes use of real books, picture etc while on another hand it incorporates online activity sheets and other stuff, making use of the new technology.

Another good thing about this easy peasy all in one homeschool curriculum is that almost all of the resources are linked online. You’ll need to print only a few things on paper.

Here is a confession of a homeschooler, in case you are interested.

Getting Started With Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool

Getting started with the easy peasy homeschooling course is easy and straight forward. You just need to follow the directions mentioned in the curriculum. The program consists of various levels which is nothing but grade levels. Lee Giles says, she calls them levels instead of grade levels so that you can choose the appropriate level instead of worrying about the correct public school grade. Here is some more details of the levels:

Getting Ready 1 > Equivalent Of Preschool

Getting Ready 2 > Equivalent Of Kindergarten

These levels contain daily lesson plans which include links to everything you need in order to teach math, language etc. The curriculum focuses on how to start reading and writing in these levels.

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Once you are done with kindergarten level, you have two choices. Either you can select a grade level program which includes math, reading, and language art or you can go with completing all courses individually. Watch this video to get started with the curriculum.

Lee Giles, has structured the program is a very nice way. Each lesson plans include instructions on how one should go ahead with it. The intent of the easy peasy homeschool curriculum at all the levels is to make the students work on the lesson plans themselves, though they can also take assistance from parents if it seems tough.

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Maths lessons from grade five to seven has been divided in three levels which are again equivalent to grade levels. Khan Academys materials has been used quite a bit in Step 1 while Step 2 and Step 3 have materials from many other sites. Easy Peasy Homeschool 4th Grade is one of the most important grade according to me. So, one must put in full focus on that grade.

Another thing to note here is the Giles has rarely used her own texts into the the lesson plans specially those of History and science. Overall the curriculum is Christian, but non-Christians could use it as well by skipping the Bible lessons.

Pros of Easy Peasy Online Homeschool!!

There are several main reasons which enforce the individuals to avail the services of Easy Peasy Home School. Some of them are explained below:

  • You can avail the service at free of cost means they are freely available.
  • Offers the service online means you can do all things online, there is no need to go anywhere since all materials you can use online.
  • You can customize your course according to your need if you are not comfortable with any of the subject or if you are the thing to upgrade your levels.
  • One of the best things about this easy peasy highschool or easy peasy preschool is that you may learn the things in a funny manner or task is completely based on the game based. All is done online and by playing the game, you may reach at a certain level if you enable to complete each level successfully.
  • It uses the Christian-oriented concepts.
  • These programs are self-paced means all the tasks are available with some links. When you click on these links you may clear few things if they stuck in any issues.
  • The curriculum is totally based on the college.
  • It hardly takes 3-4 hours in a day if you go through all the materials.

Cons of Easy Peasy Home School!!

  • It uses the Christian-oriented concepts. Yes, it could be a good thing for many while a bad thing for others. Hence I have put it in both Pros and cons.
  • The curriculum is sometimes uneven.

Details Of Each Grade- Easy Peasy Homeschool

Here are the details of each and every grade. I have tried to explain all the aspects of every grade such as whats extremely important and what can be skipped.

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Getting Ready One- Preschool Level

It’s basically a preschool level curriculum. If your kid is four years old, you should start with it. In case he or she is not really comfortable with it, give them a break and try again after three months. If it’s still not working then, maintain another gap of three months.

What it includes: This level is designed for 222 days. Getting ready one includes some basic level curriculum for kids like knowledge on colors and shapes. Making your kid’s observation power superior is the ultimate motto of this grade.

Some interactive videos are included in this stage but it requires proper guidance from parents. A PDF workbook which is available for free download is given there for initial days’ learning. The innovative approach of this book provides the knowledge of letters, shape and some animals- everything in a single book!

Alphabet songs and some crafts are also included for better shape and audio engagement. A detailed guideline is also given on how to follow the curriculum right from the day one.

Getting Ready Two- Kindergarten Level

Once the “Getting Ready One” is finished, proceed to this one. The second grade is 180 days curriculum for the kids.

What it includes: Some interesting puzzles with number game and balancing game. These games give a simple idea of addition and subtraction. Jigsaws puzzle and connect the dot puzzles are most interesting where kids find interest and they gather some knowledge as well.

Some interactive videos of counting days of a week and months are included here. Kids are taught how to write date of a particular day and how to use calendar to find the same. At last to increase retaining power of brain some stories like How the Cow Ate Cabbage, New Fish on the Reef and New Fish on the Reef is included in the curriculum.

First Grade- Schooling Starts 

Once all the preliminary things like recognizing letters, shape and counting numbers and doing balance, lessons of first grade of Easy Peasy Home School starts.

The first and foremost condition before starting the curriculum of 1st grade is that your kid should be able to read story books like McGuffy’s First Reader. In this very first grade of Easy Peasy Home school you don’t need to sit online to solve the puzzles and tasks.

All the PDF files are readily printable and available online. This curriculum is also spread over 180 days like Getting Ready two. If you don’t want to come online every day, simply download the math worksheet for the year and keep completing the tasks. Dont miss the videos.

What it includes: One interesting game of this grade is snake and ladder which enables kids counting numbers and adding and subtracting in a proficient way. Copying the best sentence is another game where kids need to understand the story and choose the best sentence of a story.  Kids are asked to tell a story to her or his parents after reading. This task enhances their expression power.

Second Grade

Welcome to the second grade of Easy Peasy home schooling. Once you have finished all the tasks and assignments of first grade, you are now eligible for second grade. It’s also a 180 days program for the kids.

What it includes: Second grade of easy peasy home school contains something unique that includes critical thinking ability and problem solving skills too. Kids are asked to draw a picture of a story that they have listened or read.

Word builder game is the new addition in this grade where kids are to make words one after another using the letter of a mentioned word in the game, thus increase the vocabulary stock. Flash card and memory match games are some other games which are added to enhance the course work and mental development of a kid.

In literature section grammar is introduced and it starts with “Noun”. In math, sense of numbers like “greater than” and “less than” and “proper subtraction method” are added. Parents should help their kids to do this. Remember the parents are the first teachers of kids when it comes to learn something through home schools. Poems are added for the first time in this grade.

Third Grade

Like all other grades third grade curriculum is slated for 180 days also. Some advanced lessons are included here in this grade.  Math and English both subjects got some leaps here. Its the third grade and your kid has grown more mature in English and Math.

What it includes: At first we need to talk about math because it takes a big leap here. It starts with Coin counting games and cost of lunch. Then later time counting and other things are added. These are considered as beginner level hot thinking skills.

Apart from this “round to the nearest number” is a new tweak. Games like “Garage sale” make the math more interesting. Lessons of geometry are introduced for the first time and it starts with the task related to lines and polygons. In English vocabulary new words are taught every day.

Kids are asked to write some friendly letter. Here the main challenge comes for the kids. We need to notice how a kid is applying his or her vocabulary skills in writing these letters. Another task comes with adding prefix and suffix to make new words.

Fourth Grade

Once you have completed third grade coursework successfully, it’s time to move into the next grade that is the fourth one. Like the previous one it’s also designed for six months. Some new math applications and grammars are included in this grade of easy peasy home school. But the most eye catching part of this coursework is that there is a subject of basic computing.

What it includes: Now the prime point of discussion comes- the curriculum of the grade four. In mathematics, multiplication and division are introduced. Some new games like time matching, clock maker and bar graphs are inducted here.

As an advanced chapter, fraction comes into the curriculum. In English game like gammaropolis makes some differences when it comes to play with nouns and prepositions. Vocabulary game continues in this grade also. On every 20th day tests are arranged to check progress of your kids. In “basic computing” kids are taught some important skills like how to write in MS word using all standard options like margin, font, style of fonts, mail merge and drawing with paints.

Fifth Grade

It seems you have gathered some valuable knowledge and doing really good in your subjects. Now that you have finished fourth grade’s English, Math and Computer subjects successfully, it’s time to move on to the next one- another 180 days program for fifth grade of easy Peasy home school. In this grade maximum stress is given on “English”.

What it includes: Word Invasion and proper preposition games make this track of learning thrilling. There is a section called “learn from your mistake” where you need to put proper adverb and preposition in the blanks. Review game which checks your vocabulary skills you have gained from the previous grade.

Crossword puzzle with classmate made this review process interesting for the kids. They are asked to write something different like apology letter, letter to Grandma, parents and pen friends etc. Use of proper punctuation is taught along with the sense of a sentence with different punctuation. For Math there is nothing new, you can download the practice sheet and get those printed. Now practice those offline sitting relax!

Sixth Grade

You have come across the first five grades of easy peasy home school and now in the sixth grade! It’s time to learn something new like algebra and two foreign languages- French and Spanish! No more monotonous and irksome curriculum! Enjoy your session.

What it includes: Math of middle school starts with some basic level division and fraction and it gradually goes higher. Main addition in Math is the “Prealgebra” part. Hangman game will test your spelling skill. In the sixth grade Literature goes interesting as the foreign languages like French and Spanish are introduced. But don’t worry; these are presented as poem front.

Kids will have to play with the words of a poem. Quest for the Parts of Speech game will come to take a formal review of your learning. Vocab matching word game will take the ultimate test where you may need to put the synonyms of a word. Robert Frost’s poem- “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is the perfect one when your feel stodgy. In “computer section” lessons of safe web browsing, printing color pages and making simple presentations are included.

Seventh Grade

Wow! You are at second most senior grade in Easy peasy home school! We have learnt a lot, now it’s time to create something creative like writing a poem or drawing a picture that has some crucial thoughts. You have grown mature and now it’s time to get into the subjects.

What it includes: Subject of “Foreign language” got better with food flash card and city flash card games. Details of “Parts of the body” ate taught in this section. Crossword puzzle will teach you better and it can check your progress as well. Sometimes tasks like “Tell someone the date, day, month, weather, what you are wearing and what you ate for breakfast” review the vocabulary and spoken skill of your kids.

Hot thinking skills like Riding Rookies and Swim Scores helps in keeping our thinking skill in a hot scale. In “computing” we need to cover some basic design software like Inkscape. Get permission from your parents before downloading and installing the software on your PC.

Eighth Grade

Finally you have come to the last grade! Feel grown up and now it’s time to close the final chapter of easy peasy home school. Things have changed and syllabus of this grade is little bit different.

What it includes: Grammar starts with clause and phrases and ultimately hangman game for vocabulary quiz. You can check your progress through “quiz me”. Paragraph writing takes place in this grade. If you want to take the sheet out and take on the quiz offline.

There is a point where you will be asked to write something like narrative essay about yourself and things around us. In basic computing kids are need to work with word processing. An assignment of journal writing is there which a good task is really. In Math “average” is introduced. Crossword puzzle in pre-algebra level is included here.

Okay, so heres everything you need to know about Easy Peasy Home school. If you have any doubts, comment below. I will try to get them solved as soon as possible.