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florida lease agreement

Florida Lease Agreement must be in accordance with the residential and commercial State Laws. It should have all the necessary documents and forms attached. There are various types of lease agreements based on various factors such as time period of the term, type of property and type of leasing-out.

Florida Lease Agreement : Templates

Florida Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

The month-to-month type of lease agreement is one in which the contract ends every month. The tenant will be required to release the property with a notice of 15 days. This particular type is useful those tenants who plan to put up in Florida either for only a short amount of time or are unsure about the amount of time for which they will be staying. Generally, the tenant may be required to complete certain paperwork such as rental applications.

florida lease agreement

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Florida Rental Application : Florida Lease Agreement 

florida lease agreement

This application enables the landlord to obtain the criminal history, credit history, rental history and the employment history of the tenant who is applying. This form serves as very useful if the landlord wants to review the tenants and verify the information that they have provided. It can also be used by the landlord to accept the required fees associated with the look-up or the security deposit from the tenant who is applying.

Florida Commercial Lease Agreement : Florida Lease Agreement 

florida lease agreement

This particular type of lease agreement is used by business owners, retail owners and so on.  It is used by those who are seeking business tenants. A rental application is generally required to be completed in order to obtain information about the employment history, criminal history, credit history and rental history. The types of lease agreement suits include the following.

  • Gross

In this type of commercial lease agreement, a majority of the property costs are given to the landlord.

  • Modified Gross

In this type of commercial lease agreement, the property costs are divided between the landlord and the business owner.

  • Triple Net or NNN

In this type of commercial lease agreement, most of the property costs go to the tenant.

Florida Residential Lease Agreement

florida lease agreement

This is a yearly agreement in which the payments are incremental and made on a monthly basis. The tenants are required to complete a rental application which enables the landlord to access the credit history, criminal history, employment history, rental history and other information about the tenant. The landlord requires the tenant to pay a security deposit.

Florida Sub-lease Agreement : Florida Lease Agreement 

florida lease agreement

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In this type of agreement, the current tenant of a particular property can lease out that rented property to another tenant and acquire a monthly rent. The current tenant, in this case, is referred to as the sub-lessor while the next tenant would be referred to as the sub-lessee.

A rental application is required to be completed in order to obtain essential information about the tenant and then review it. Reviewing is important because, in case of non-payment of the fee by the sub-lessee, the sub-lessor has to complete the payment. The landlord should also be informed of this agreement.

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