High School Diploma Template With Seal

High School Diploma Template With Seal

A High School Diploma Template With Seal is a status of recognition of your skills and knowledge in a particular subject. Though High school diploma template with a seal is a trust factor that the carrier or the applicant possess required knowledge the employer is looking for it sometimes makes the certificate look more authentic and modern.

High School Diploma Template With Seal Free Download

Every high school diploma template with seal carries some special features like size, color, 3D holograms etc. These features are embossed according to the requirement of the institution while designing.

High School Diploma Template With Seal

What’s the factor of the “SEAL” in the High School Diploma Certificate?

Now it comes to the “SEAL” on the certificate. Let me tell you one thing, embossing seal on the certificate comes into existence recently. Though many people want it on their diploma certificate just for a modern trend or fashion, it carries something more than that, it’s a basic security measure.

How a SEAL protects the security in high school diploma certificate?

The seals can be of different ranges. A seal carries similar feature of a signature. There are some kinds of seals available for this purpose. Have a look on these-

General printable seal: These seals are simple and straight forward and carry just a symbol, nothing else. Some institutions still use this but it has gone obsolete nowadays.

3D Hologram Seal: It becomes very popular and used by a wide range of institutions recently. It’s easy to use anywhere and costs every less though has many intuitive features like “hard to copy” holograms and differential reflective images and write ups.

High School Diploma Template With Seals

These 3D seals also divided into some types-

Easy to paste: These seals are the maximum in number and due to the ease of usability it’s widely popular. It’s like a sticker and often pasted on the bottom side of the certificate.

High-Density Seals: Sometimes you may see some seals where the letters of the words appear high and look like it comes out of the plane it has embossed on.

Colored Seal: In order to add some extra gravity the seals are colored. Sometimes the seals are of golden colored and depending on the overall design and institutions silver color is also used. There are many shades of these two are used.

The frame of the seal: The frame design is also extremely important to express the nature of the design. The outer side is cut into zigzag shapes while some other designs are arranged on simple rounded shape with no zigzag cutting at all.

Embossed seal with logo: Another trendy seal which has come into existence, not before a few years! The seals are high density printed with the logo clearly visible on the seal while the color is generally set in gold. Depending upon the situation the color changes, if an institution completes its 50th year it makes the seal of silver color while if a 100 years old intuition makes it in golden!

These are the things we generally experience in a High School Diploma Template With Seal. We will add up all the details here after a while. Keep glued and stay updated.

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