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High School Diploma Template

Are you tired of looking for High School Diploma Template with seal? Here’s a Huge Collection of printable high school diploma certificate templates.

Printable Diploma Template is something every diploma student is excited about. As you know, diploma certificates are issued when students pass high school diploma courses. If you have started a private High School or a trade school then you need a certificate template.

The first and foremost point is that the high school diploma certificate template should be unique and according to the standards. The Internet has made our life easy because we can now search the whole world right from our smartphone or PC! So if you have been looking for a uniquely designed certificate template for your high school then the best one is waiting for you online.

Free High School Diploma Template With Seal: High School Diploma Fast

There are several sites where you find printable high school diploma certificate templates. But trust me all these are not as good as we need. First of all you need to set some points and that will determine Your needs properly. Let’s do this first-

  1. You need to set the proper dimension of the certificate template
  2. You need to know whether we need a simple certificate template or a rich formatted template.
  3. Then the important part comes. You need to conclude whether you need a format where you can upload our signature in the place of an authorized signatory or you sign the certificates with the pen.

Dimension: There is no official dimension to the high school certificate. But You need to follow something which can showcase something formal and something really meaningful. That’s why going with the formal or traditional templates like portrait and landscape format is the best option.


Size: The size of the templates should match print-friendly sizes if it’s A4 or letter size then it would be better. Always for a size which can be available for printing easily. After all, you need to print the certificate. All the old institutions follow landscape format while the new institutions follow the trendy portrait format.

Color: It’s another important aspect of a design. For a high school diploma, we need to choose a perfect color. Always remember the following points while choosing the color options-

  • Don’t go for a colorful design which may include more than four colors otherwise it will look like a kid’s design.
  • Adhere yourself to light colors and try to have “white” color in the middle because if you need to edit the design with your custom watermark then you can put it without any problem.
  • Always choose a beautiful border. It’s really wonderful because all professional templates have borders. So don’t forget to add a border.

Fonts: Always choose official fonts. Recently we have experienced so many web fonts but using these fonts is not a good idea. That’s why to choose a good font from a traditional list. Here we have provided some fonts which you can easily pick-


List of fonts for Free diploma template With Seal

Agency FB Bold Garamond Italic
Algerian Gigi
Arial Narrow Gill Sans MT
Arial Narrow Bold Gill Sans MT Bold
Arial Narrow Bold Italic Gill Sans MT Bold Italic
Arial Narrow Italic Gill Sans MT Condensed
Arial Rounded MT Bold Gill Sans MT Ext Condensed Bold
Arial Unicode MS Gill Sans MT Italic
Baskerville Old Face Gill Sans Ultra Bold
Bauhaus 93 Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed
Bell MT Gloucester MT Extra Condensed
Bell MT Bold Goudy Old Style
Bell MT Italic Goudy Old Style Bold
Berlin Sans FB Goudy Old Style Italic
Berlin Sans FB Bold Goudy Stout
Berlin Sans FB Demi Bold Haettenschweiler
Bernard MT Condensed Harlow Solid Italic
Blackadder ITC Harrington
Bodoni MT High Tower Text
Bodoni MT Black High Tower Text Italic
Bodoni MT Black Italic Imprint MT Shadow
Bodoni MT Bold Informal Roman
Bodoni MT Bold Italic Jokerman
Bodoni MT Condensed Juice ITC
Bodoni MT Condensed Bold Kristen ITC
Bodoni MT Condensed Bold Italic Kunstler Script
Bodoni MT Condensed Italic Lucida Brigh

It’s another special aspect of the design. We recommend some sizes for the fonts. Sizes should be chosen in a way so that the design should not be clumsy.

  • Title size: Title size should not be more than 30. Here title means the “Name of the Institution”.
  • Address/ Details: If you need to add some details like the address of the institution maintain the size in between 24-26.

Designing High School Designing- Online resources Vs. Offline Creativeness

Creativity is a God given merit. It can’t be obtained in a night. Creativity is a rare concept where people are to make or think something different but heart touching. No online resource can replace this thing. But designing something with own creativity takes time because no one knows when and how the concept will hit your mind.

So, if we think practically where we accept commercial orders and these are to be done within a time frame. So there are places for creativity but these are too less!

Here is a point that we always suggest- try to make some standout concept first from own mind but if it fails, don’t try further, get some inspirations from online resources. You can find some points below why we suggest going with online resources when you have a restricted timeline-

  • Online resources are just a click away; you can easily search the thing online.
  • Hundreds of professional designs are available for inspiration.
  • Easy to pick anything for inspiration though there are many which you can take as your template for high school diploma certificate design without giving any credit also!

While designing a diploma certificate you can easily make some points which are really important factors sure-

Artwork design: Maximum certificates carry an artwork on it. Choose a design that does not superimpose other printed things on the certificates. The artwork should carry a hue color and try to set that to the farthest corner (as farthest as you can). Try to maintain these below-mentioned points while designing the artwork-

  • Always check whether the institution wants an artwork or not. If yes, then try to modify that otherwise don’t go for that. It’s loud and clear.
  • Always keep the theme of the institution in your mind while trying to install the concept.
  • If there is any catch line or theme line, always embed that into the artwork.

Signature Area Design: Sometimes, we see a design near the signature area of the high school diploma certificates. But before putting something from your imagination have a discussion with the institutional authority and ask whether they want anything special or not. Otherwise, go for some traditional designs. There is a strong reason why I am supporting a traditional design over new age designs. An old institution carries a history and gravity, so there is something which you can’t change.

Space for 3D Hologram: Always check whether there is any requirement of space for putting 3D hologram. Nowadays almost all universities and institution uses a 3D printed hologram embedded on the high school diploma certificate. It reflects the proof of the genuineness of the certificate. So, if there is any requirement of this then leave an exact space on the bottom left. It’s the best place; on the other word you can say maximum intuitions follow this thing. So, don’t forget to pinch this point while you are in a meeting with the institutional authority.

Reverse side option: Some institutions started using reverse side design of the certificates. On the reverse side, they use to print the rules and verification system of the certificates and some points regarding the grades or points printed on the certificate. But like the previous point before starting putting your efforts on design have a discussion with the college authorities.

Remember one thing- you need to explore the things bound by the institution’s rule. So always discuss before implementing something new. That’s all.

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How To Customize High School Diploma Template PDF?

Selecting a design is not all for making an attractive high school diploma certificate. After downloading the design, you need to edit the design to match your requirements. Here we have prepared some basic points so that you can follow these flawlessly and edit the designs you have shortlisted.

If you are done, let’s move to the later step of preparing a customized high school diploma template. Now that we got a clear idea about the high school diploma certificate template we want let’s give it a practical shape.

First step: Choose some templates and download the templates, always check whether there is any watermark on those or not.

Second step: Once you have downloaded the design templates, it’s time to edit the design. Now open the image file in Photoshop. Place your logo in the middle and make it a little bit transparent.

Third step: Edit the things like Name, Signature, and dates. Copy paste the signature and use the official date on that.

Fourth step: Add some special things like the tagline which actually reflects the motto of your institution.

How to verify whether everything is alright or not with High School Diploma with Seal

There are so many points which should be verified before jumping into a conclusion-

Size: It should be checked twice before printing. Printing quality will decrease if size is not maintained properly.

Margin: Always try to get a good margin which is generally 0.5 inch at least otherwise some parts may go out of the paper. So always check this before hitting the “printing” button.

Paper Quality: Paper quality should be good at least otherwise printing quality will decrease. So paper quality should be of top quality.

Ink Quality: Don’t print these certificates using an ink jet printer or dot printer. Always use LaserJet printer for this purpose.

After Printing process: Once you have printed the certificate, do some after printing processes. At first, do a little bit heat treatments so that inks can be settled soon after the printing.

Numerous sites offer free certificates templates online. But we recommend Free Homeschool Diploma (www.freediplomatemplates.com) for it. The templates in this site fulfill every criterion of a standard high school diploma certificate. Moreover, all the templates all print ready. You just need a printer and a standard paper to print. It’s just a “5 mins work”. Is not it? We can bet, you did not think that it was gonna be that easy!


Free Certificate Templates 

If you have selected one of them, then we are left with the last step- completion of certificate design.

  1. Open the certificate in PDF Format, preferably with Adobe Reader 11 or above. The reason behind of using it, lower version or another PDF reader may not show the rich formatted area and sometimes this leads problems while printing. So don’t take any chance.
  2.  All the fields are editable, simply put the details- Name of the student, Year of passing, Grade or percentage, Subject on which he or she completed the course. And the last one and the most important one- Name of your school or Logo. (Remember, every template does not support image uploading)
  3. The next part completes the job. This is the “signature of authorized person”. Certificates are generally signed by the Principal of the respective school, but sometimes certificates are engraved with the signature of Principal and Director both.Simply tapping on the Signature area, we can upload the scan copy our signature. But if you wanna follow the traditional way of presenting certificated with Pen and paper signature, nothing could be awesome than that.

How To Get My High School Diploma Online Fast

This section is for those who have landed here with a query that how can they have high school diploma fast and quick. Well, getting a diploma isn’t as tough as you think.

To get the degree quickly, one way is to enroll for an online course. That way you can choose your own timings and then dedicate time to it as per your own schedule.

This makes getting the diploma degree relatively faster and convenient.

Free High School Diploma Template

There are numerous free diploma templates online. But choosing the right template is a very hard task. We have provided some high school diploma certificates here. You can choose a perfect high school diploma template from the below-mentioned ones according to your requirement.

  1. The below mentioned free printable High school diploma certificate is an example of a good design. Some features of this certificate is given below-
  • The look is very simple and the design is minimal.
  • Easily editable without much hassle.
  • Spacious margins for printing.
  • Ample space for big school name and student’s name also. Use size 14 and you can adjust up to 30 characters in a line!

certificate template

2. This high school diploma certificate template is exactly what you need. The color is traditional and the fonts are really gorgeous enough o match your requirement.  The eye-catching features of this template is mentioned below in a list format-

  • Minimally designed template.
  • Ample space for signatures and credits.
  • Landscape format which is traditional by format.
    certificate templates

3. Traditional looking simple diploma. It’s very easy to edit and everything in this template is easily editable. The most positive point is that it satisfies many points of a standard diploma template. Let’s have a look on the features of this template-

  • Wonderful margin design which is really appreciable.
  • The Title fonts are catchy and resemble a great tradition of Engish Universities.
  • All the details can be put easily, and there is ample space for everything.

high school diploma

4. It resembles our primary kindergarten certificates. Though it does not look very appealing, the concept behind it is really cool. Find out the features of this high school diploma certificates herein below-

  • The look is really simple and straightforward.
  • Ample space for putting extra things together.
  • Space for putting the seal of the institution.
  • Two spaces for signatures- one is on the left, and another is on the right side.
  • Easily editable, editing the whole certificate may take up to 15 minutes max.

The background is white, and you can engrave the watermark of your institution easily, and the total look of the certificate will be changed!
high school diploma templates free5. It’s a traditional looking slight bluish high school diploma. At the first look, you may not recognize the hidden features of this free printable high school diploma certificate, but if you go through the below-mentioned points you may get what we want to say- that’s why to have a look here in below-

  • A line is given for the “NAME” of the candidate and space is enough to accommodate a big name also!
  • Spaces are given for “DAY”, “MONTH” and “YEAR”, and space is given.
  • The space for the seal of the institution is given at the bottom of the certificate and the spaces for signatures are also given.

printable certificate templates

6. The design of these template is really outstanding and we found it out of the box and something you can call trend breaking. The design itself an example of a fusion of the traditional design and modern thoughts.

  • The design of this template is amazing and the globe in the middle resembles the world of knowledge that is marvelous.
  • Again, it’s easily editable and everything you can edit without any prior knowledge of editing, what you need to add is just good fonts and the sense of the styling of the fonts and the sizes of the fonts.
  • Ample space for putting signatures on the templates.

That’s all. It’s an easy task, try it out. We are sure you never have to browse the internet again for these templates. Get it and forget it. If you want to provide any suggestion to enrich the article, you are always welcome and we are requesting you to drop a comment below and we will respond definitely. Knowledge is all about sharing and we will request you to share the article related to designing of the high school diploma certificate templates with your friends on the social platforms and help us spread the knowledge of free certificate templates.

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