High School Resume Template & Writing Tips


High School Resume Template

Writing a resume is pretty daunting for a high school student with no prior work experience. The best way to tackle this problem is checking out examples of resumes. You need tips to understand what should be included in the resume and in what format.

High School Student Resume Examples

Academics is not the only part of high school resume. Trust us, you have a lot more to add than you think. The experiences like volunteering, lawn mowing or babysitting are worth adding to the resume. Such skills are valuable for employers.

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How To Write High School Resume Template?

No need to worry if you have not written a resume before. Here you are going to learn how to compose a compelling high school resume template for all kinds of jobs.

Make An Outline

Before writing a resume, you must prepare a list of all possible experience including paid and unpaid.

Add Informal Work Experience

Undeniably, the paid work experience is the primary part of your resume. But it does not mean that you cannot add informal work experiences. The jobs like babysitting, lawn mowing, shoveling snow or pet sitting can be part of a resume. It shows your willingness and dedication to do work.

Mention All Your Activities

Being a high school student, it is likely to have not done any job in the past. That’s why it is compulsory to add all of your activities in the high school resume template. Different aspects of your life will shed light upon your character, skills, work ethic and personality. Don’t forget to mention volunteer work, athletic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and academics. If you have been in leadership positions like team captain or manager, must add them to the resume. For good impression, list the activities in arranged form like categories or bulleted list.

Talk About Performance & Attitude

For employers, performance and attitude towards work are more important than the work experience. If you have been on time always and fulfilled your commitments, must include while describing the related experience.

Include Your Achievements

Employers prefer the staff with a history of positive contributions. For this part, first, review all of your activities and experiences, and look for achievements in sports, clubs or class. If there are any, mention them using the words improved, enhanced, upgraded, initiated or expanded. You must mention the challenging final year projects done by you. This will leave a strong impact on the employers.

Resume Skills

Every job demands a different set of skills. Before applying for the job, do your homework about it. Note down the essential skills required for the job and analyze whether you have them. Obviously, list them down in the high school resume.

Use Of Action Verbs

While describing the work experiences, always use action verbs and phrases for a dynamic point of view. You must compose sentences with verbs like trained, taught, edited, created, tutored, designed, wrote, served and let, etc.

Free High School Resume Templates

By now you have learned how to create a competent resume. All you need is a resume template which you can find as below:

High School Resume Template

High School Resume Template

high school resume

Resume Writing Tips

Hopefully, we proved to be helpful in landing your first job after high school!


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