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homeschool high school diploma

Looking for free homeschool high school diploma template? You are at the right spot!

The most common question is whether a homeschooled student can get a diploma? Did I say why not? On the completion of studies, your kid is going to get a diploma certificate as an official record.

A student must receive a diploma on completing a secondary education at home. A high school diploma cannot be compared with a college degree but holds an immense importance. Without this certificate, no college is going to give admission to the students.

Importance of Homeschool High School Diploma Template

Whether at school or home, the student works hard to pass the assignments and exams. It is important to reward them back to value their effort. What can be better than a high school diploma? Getting a high school certificate on graduation day is an exciting moment for every student.

A diploma is not a piece of paper only. It is the official passage to higher education. Plus, if you kid wants to go for a part time job, this certificate will land the job for sure.

Some parents go for homeschooling instead of traditional schooling for several reasons. May be the kid is having a health problem. Or it is not possible to take the kid to the school as it is not near your neighborhood. Or your kid likes to study at home.

The idea of homeschooling looked a weird concept in the past. But today, this innovative study scheme is becoming popular among parents and kids. Some kids have entrepreneurial skills. They want to do part time jobs to build on their dreams. For them, home schooling is best!

The student is not going to school, it does not mean that he/she is not getting a high school diploma. Every high school (public or private) offers to homeschool. They curate special curriculum, tests, and assignments for homeschooled students. The parents are obliged to supervise them; check their assignments and tests regularly. On the completion of study scheme, the school issues a homeschool diploma certificate to the student.

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Features Of Homeschool High School Diploma Template

Every homeschool certificate must contain following features:

  • Portrait or landscape dimension
  • Name of the school
  • Type of high school diploma
  • Student’s name
  • Date of completion
  • Signature of home administration, parents or witnesses who can validate the high school completion by the student

How To Create Homeschool High School Diploma Template?

You have two ways to create a homeschool diploma template for your school. Either you can download the well-designed template from the web. Or you can create your own in following steps:

Homeschool High School Diploma Template

  • First of all, state that template is for high school diploma.
  • Insert the name of the school.
  • Add the student’s name.
  • Include the statement of declaration that student has finished the homeschool study scheme successfully.
  • Add the signature of the person who verifies the completion of the study.
  • In the end, add the date it was issued or signed.

In most cases, the signature of high school admin is not required. As officials have given this permission to the parents.

Free Homeschool High School Diploma Template

We want to save you from doing hassle. Here, you can find well-designed homeschool diploma certificates.

homeschool high school diploma

diploma template

homescchool diploma template


So, these are some free to download Homeschool High School Diploma Templates. Go ahead and use them!