[How-To] Design Standard High School Diploma Template!!

standard high school certificate

Standard high school diploma template is like a precious possession for school administration. School issues diploma certificates to the passing graduates.

high school diploma template

Of course, they are not going to make customized diploma certificate for each student. Everyone gets the same certificate in their names.

School authorities usually hire graphic designers for designing the template. The designer should create novelty version of certificate otherwise it won’t stand up.

What to Consider For Standard High School Diploma Template?

Unique Paper

Don’t ever use the standard printing paper to print high school diploma certificate!

The reason is obvious! It will be easier for students to a fake or duplicate copy of the diploma. Trust me, you don’t want that!

So, what’s the solution? Get the specialty paper. Schools and universities commonly use parchment paper. They try to order non-stock and modified versions with special dyes. So, that it will be harder to get the copy!

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Most schools embed specialized images in the standard template. Such images represent value, history or background of the institution.

Due to the presence of images, it is difficult to duplicate the certificate. Because without a high-quality image, one cannot print high school diploma in good quality.

Before adding the image to the template, make sure it has a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Ink & Lettering

Use of only two fonts is the official practice while creating diploma templates. Avoid using more than three fonts, as it will give an unprofessional outlook.

Always choose official fonts like Century Gothic, Arial, Caslon, Helvetica or Franklin Gothic, etc. Do not use free downloaded fonts from the web.

It is preferred to use specialized ink with unique color and texture. Again, it will make the duplication process harder for unauthorized parties.


Try to keep the diploma template as simple as you can. The black and white color scheme works best.

But if you need to add color, use it wisely. Keep the most of the area white as it increases legibility.

Use of several colors gives the childish look to the certificate.


Seal gives the official value to the standard high school diploma template.

Your school may ask for seal in gold or silver. The color can vary as per the types of material.

Nowadays, schools prefer digital diploma seals. But they should use the traditional physical method of embedding seal in the certificate. Because it is most difficult to copy due to complex, customized and intricate design.


Just like an official seal, signatures are hardest to copy.

No diploma should be issued without getting signed by president or principal of the school. Avoid use of digital signatures. This way, it is not easy to create fake diploma certificate.

Use special and uniquely textured ink signatures. As this will make the creation of fake templates harder.

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Although we suggest using unique paper for printing certificates. But keep the size official like A4. So, that printing process won’t be an issue.

Free High School Diploma Templates

For inspiration, you can check following samples:

standard diploma template

standard high school certificate

Designing is not an easy job. Try to start with simple and clear designs to end up with the creatively designed template!

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