5+ Sample Letter of Recommendation for Teachers


Looking for Sample Letter of Recommendation for Teachers? 

Teaching is a noble profession and to help people with your knowledge and skills is a great idea. If you have landed into a situation where you need to present yourself for a teaching position, then you have a piece of paper of two to present yourself so that the person reading that can gain thorough ideas about your specializations and efficiency properly.

To focus on that topic today, we will discuss which things a letter of recommendation for a teacher should include and how the whole thing should be formatted so that the scrutinizer choose you for face to face interview.

So how should you prepare your letter and how to make that tailored fit? Let me tell you that there is no rocket science behind it, and anyone can do this, but for that, a perfect guideline is needed. Here in this article, we are trying to pull up all the strings that are connected to format a letter of recommendation for the teacher.

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Letter of recommendation for teacher- Which things you should include

I saw many persons with extraordinary skills in teaching, but they got few chances to present themselves and that just due to poor recommendation letter! Yes, I know it may sound a little bit fuzzy but the reality is that an institution does not have enough time choose few resumes for a personal interview out of a bunch. That’s why creating a perfect well balanced and good looking letter of recommendation for a teacher is important. So don’t let the opportunities go out of your hand and go through the points mentioned below.

  1. Always emphasis on the job profile you are applying for. To do this, you need to go through the “recruitment notice” of the institution and have to go through the required skills it has asked for. You need to hit those points exactly. Remember this is like pitching someone with your ideas, and you don’t need to show what you know in the first few paragraphs, you need to show why you are eligible for the position. Add some experiences if you have.
  2. If someone is recommending you, then include some catchy lines like- “Under the guidance of Mr. Your name, our students scored excellent grades” and add the name of the person who is recommending you and your skills.
  3. Always share your contact information and email is the “must include” thing nowadays.
  4. Attach your credentials along with the letter of recommendation for a teacher.
  5. Don’t add all the unnecessary things like- your hobbies, awards which are related to the skills it has asked for and the achievements in your childhood and we also prefer to avoid those extracurricular activities which are not related to the position you are applying for or getting the recommendation for. Maintain utmost professionalism because after your entire letter reflects your personality.

Some Samples of standard Letter of recommendation for a teacher

#1 A standard format which I prefer most. It basically typed on a personal letter pad. The name of a person who is recommending is embedded at the beginning. If the person is well known then only this thing makes your resume stands out of the bunch.

#2 It’s an official letter typed on an A4 sheet and this paper contains information about the person being recommended.

#3 This is a sample form type recommendation letter you just need to put your names and details on the blank spaces. If you are writing on behalf of an institution then the seal is  a must at the end.

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