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A physical exam is considered as one of the basic requirement especially when somebody applies for a tough job or course. What we understand by physical exam isn’t exactly same with the work level physical exam test.

It’s not just about your stamina and ability do hard work. Apart from these, there are many other reasons behind that are accumulatively considered as the vital points for a physical exam. If you are a doctor and trainer or someone who is assigned with testing the candidates or participants, then it is a little bit more difficult task compared than it looks like at the first time.

Why is Physical Exam important?

At the first look, you may overlook the ideas behind physical exam printable. Look deeper, and you will understand why we are discussing it here. Let’s check the most vital points that reflect the importance of physical exam sheets.

  • It provides a basic idea about the health of the person and the ability of the person to carry out the tasks involved in the job.
  • You can easily know about the health history of the person. Sometimes, some persons look healthy enough at the first look superficially while it’s really astonishing when you find something odd in his or her health history. We are giving you an example, if someone is affected with asthma, you can’t figure that out without a proper medical test because at the first look anyone can hardly diagnose that.
  • If you are aware of the health of a person you are going to hire, then it will be easier to figure out what happens if any emergency hits. Even you can assign different task when you are aware of someone’s health’s condition.

What are the basic points involved in the physical exam form?

We always go confused when we are to go for a physical exam. Actually, we don’t have enough knowledge what the tests are. Here we want to light up this portion. If you are about to get admission into any renowned university or in a famous MNC, then some basic tests are needed to be done to meet their guidelines.

The basic tests in Physical Exam are-

Blood pressure: A most basic test, it’s to check whether you have blood pressure irregularities or not. Many candidates fail to get the desired job because of this reason. It’s an important parameter that can open the entrance and kick you out of the competition!

Temperature & Respiration: In recent days, these tests are introduced in the basic physical exam package. The first one is very simple; body temperature is checked under some specific condition. One is in a normal condition without any stress, and some more temperatures are noted after a simple run on the treadmill. Respiration process is checked, and a disease like asthma is diagnosed under this process. If someone is having any other issue that can also be diagnosed.

Blood Tests: Single blood draw from your body can determine the results of many tests. The first one is the basic blood group test. All the employers and institutions and universities ask for this one particularly. Apart from this one, liver function test, Cholesterol test, creatinine check, etc. can be diagnosed easily.

BMI:   The next big thing is the BMI of the body. It can easily represent the bulkiness of the body. Sometimes it can reflect the stamina of the person. We all know the fact that if you become fatty, you will lose your stamina to do work and a lot of other complexities in your body. So having a standard BMI which should be anything from 24 to 26 is very important.

What the extra tests are- know from Physical Exams 

Apart from these above-mentioned tests, there are some other tests which are seldom given and better you can say, is given to specific persons after checking her/ his basic tests. These things come under full body checkup process.

If the doctor thinks that apart from the basic physical exams something more is required, then he/ she suggest doing these. In the physical exam, these are included.

Let’s have a look at these tests-

HEENT: a Nowadays X-ray of the head is must for any physical exam. Someone may not be aware of the damage in his/ her skull or something more critical than that.

NECK: After the head, the neck is a most vital point to check. This is checked whether there is any   Supple; carotid bruits and if there is any lymphadenopathy or thyromegaly.

LUNGS: Lung checking is another important part to check. There should be Clear auscultation. Lung capacity should be optimum to pass this.

HEART: Regular rate and proper rhythm without a murmur is the basic requirement for a healthy heart.

PSYCHIATRIC: Nowadays this point has been raised the alarm in the corporate world. Due to the rat race, we are always under pressure, and many of us feel an odd mood swing. Candidates must not have homicidal ideations.

SKIN: Skin check is must because the potential candidate must not have any Infectious disease.

So, here are some free to download and use Physical Exam printables.

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