Print High School Diploma To Get High Paying Jobs!!

Print High School Diploma

To earn good money, you don’t need a college degree.

There are high paying jobs that ask for high school graduates only. All you have to do is print high school diploma to get the job!

print high school diploma

Here, we have mentioned high paying jobs with an annual salary of at least $60,000. Don’t worry, these professions do not ask for fanciest college degrees.

List of High Paying Jobs for High School Graduates: Print High School Diploma  

  • First Line Supervisors
  • Subway Operators
  • Farmers & Agricultural Managers
  • Boilermakers
  • Gaming Managers
  • Media & Communication Equipment Operators
  • Postmasters
  • Transportation Inspectors
  • Detectives & Criminal Investigators
  • Elevator Installers
  • Transportation Managers

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If you are a school graduate and wants to earn loads of money. Above cited jobs are perfect for you! We have mentioned perks of few as follow:


high school diploma for boilermakers

Usually, boilermakers are high school graduates who have done on the job training.

They print high school diploma, attach the copy to the application and earn more than $60,000 a year. The major reason is that most of the people don’t apply for this job.

Building boilers are not as simple as sounds. Constructing the hot vats to hold hot gases and liquid is extremely dangerous. No doubt, why they get paid more.

First Line Supervisors

high school certificate manager

Print high school diploma certificate and become the construction foreman, site superintendent or field supervisor.

All these jobs require high school diploma as a highest formal degree. In return, you will earn $62,000 a year.

Of course, you will not become supervisor just directly out of high school. But if you complete an apprenticeship or on the job training, chances to get a job are higher.

Subway Operators

To become a subway operator, you just have to print high school diploma certificate.

Public transportation is the lifeline of major urban centers. Cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington D.C rely on the extensive public transportation network. To operate the transit systems, they need subway operators in abundance.

Fortunately, the high school graduates are perfect for this job. The pay of $62,000 per year is pretty handsome as compared to qualification.

Qualification is low, but the workload is stressful. Because this job is a routine in nature. Sometimes, the operators may need to get involved in emergency evacuations in the subway. Or they may have to deal with unpleasant people on daily basis.

Farmers & Agricultural Managers

A typical rancher, farmer or agricultural manager can earn up to $64,000 a year. Just by getting a high school diploma certificate.

The work responsibilities differ as per job titles. Farmers and ranchers tend to work at personal family barns or farms. While the agricultural manager is obliged to supervise large agricultural establishments.

Gaming Managers

If you are into games, then you can earn serious money with it.

Just print high school diploma certificate and become gaming manager. You can earn up to $68,000 a year.

Gaming managers are mostly seen on casino floors. They walk from table to table to ensure everything runs smoothly. They also have an eye for cheaters. Ultimately, they assure that customers are following the establishment’s rules.