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punch card template

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The success probability of the future endeavors of any business firm is greatly determined by the response of customers towards them. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for business firms to give back and lay great emphasis on enhancing the satisfaction level of the customers.

Punch cards are the premium advertising card-sized pieces which are designed specifically for enhancing the satisfaction level of the loyal customers. The card is punched by the employee of the firm on every purchase made by the customer, and after a certain decided number of punches, a offer (a free item or discounted purchase) is availed by the customer.

These are relatively easy to make through pre installed computer programs and usually do not require professional help for designing purposes.

Steps to design a Punch Card Template

The first step is to choose a template, that is a design or outline for the punch card. These are usually available in the pre installed software you are using for designing like MS Office and MS Publisher. Templates can be downloaded from the web conveniently which provides a wide variety to choose from.

The next and the most important step is the insertion of the company logo onto the punch card. It has to be ensured that the company logo is of a relatively visible size that can be easily spotted by the customer.

Next, add the disclaimer and the terms and conditions concerned with the offer provided with the punching card. It should be ensured that the text inserted is legible and displays only the vital information.

After inserting the logo and the disclaimer, design the punch layout spots which are generally present along the bottom of the card. You can use a variety of designs for the punch spots (numbers or visual images displaying the offer).

On completing and finalizing the design of the punch card, copy the file and save the punch card document. To test the design, test-print the punch card on a piece of paper and further, evaluate and analyze the necessary changes that have to be made.

Advantages of Punch Card Template

  • One of the foremost benefits of issuing punch cards is that it encourages the customers to repeatedly return to the company. In addition to strengthening the likelihood of repeated customers, it also increases the probability of the addition of new customers.
  • It is an inexpensive form of advertising which offers reasonable benefits to customers which are easily compensated with their repeated visits.
  • Using punch cards enable the business firm to excel in the market and get ahead of their business competitors because the satisfied customers are likely to stay loyal to the company.
  • As stated before, without satisfying the customers, a business venture can never be successful. Therefore, punch cards enable a firm to give back to the consumers and appreciate their loyalty.

There is an extensive variety of punch card templates on the web and the preinstalled programs like MS Publisher to choose from. Let us take a look at some of the templates common in different businesses today.

Free Food Template : Punch Card Template

punch card template

The most commonly used template which has a picture of a food item in the backdrop enables the company to design a punch card offering free food after a certain number of punches. The punch spots are numbered and are positioned along the bottom half of the card.

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Free Golf Rounds Template : Punch Card Template

punch card template

As the name suggests, this template is used for designing a punch card offering free golf rounds. Many companies rely on providing free sports rounds to keep the clients satisfied and in touch. This template displays a golfer in the backdrop, with the punch spots in their standard position.

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Free Merchandise Template : Punch Card Template

punch card template

This template enables the company to design a punch card gifting the customers with free merchandise. The merchandise to be gifted is usually displayed on the required punch spot with a “free” sign above it. The punch spots and the company disclaimer are in the standard positions as well.

Free Services Template : Punch Card Template

punch card template

These types of punch cards offer the customers with free business services after the required number of card punches. These cards are usually issued by businesses like beauty salons, massage therapists, etc. to attract customers for repeated visits. The punch spots display the service that can be availed by the customer.

Buy One Get One Template : Punch Card Template

punch card template

This template is used to design a BOGO card (Buy One Get One) which after a certain number of punches can be used to avail a free product next to another purchased product. The disclaimer is located in a relatively visible spot to clearly state the terms and conditions of the free product.

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Punch card template are the most commonly used advertising methods used by companies today due to the low costs and convenience in creating with a huge number of design templates to choose from.